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Posted on 23 September, 2015  in Business Leaders

It is said that a leader is one who makes a positive change and tries to bring a difference wherever they are; Susan Mcgalla is this and more, as can by ascertained by her service and dedication in community development in her home area in Pittsburg. Prior to joining and serving Wet Seal Inc. as the chief executive officer, she and her husband, Stephen Mcgall have served in various community projects e.g. Susan chaired the Hillman Cancer Centre Gala in, she is a trustee of the University of Pittsburg and has also been involved in huge support for the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute. If this does not show Ms. Susan’s philanthropic nature and a dedication to causes she feels strongly in, then nothing else does!

The daughter to a local football coach, Susan was born and raised in Eastern Liverpool, Ohio, the younger of her two brothers. A sense of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence and focus was evident in her since back then and she proceeded to earn a bachelors degree in business and marketing from the Mount Union College, where she now serves in the board as an advisor. Being a mother of two children, wife and a high scaling businesswoman is no mean feat for the 54 year old lady. It has been sheer hard work coupled with a determination to excel in a predominantly male-dominated career. This has seen her scale the heights of the corporate ladder and finally outgrowing it, to form an autonomous private company that can steer corporations from the outside, as a consultant.

Her first stint after college was at the Joseph Horne Company, where she cut her teeth working in various marketing to managerial positions. This was before she moved to American Eagle Outfitters, where she found a foothold of her career. Throughout her fifteen years stint at the company, Susan saw a meteoric rise through the ranks and corporate hierarchy to finally sit at the helm of the entire company as the President. She began as a divisional merchandise buyer for the women’s clothing and diligently worked her way up through various managerial positions to finally become the Chief Merchandising Officer and president of the company brand, a position from which she rose to head the entire conglomerate in a similar capacity.

Ms. Susan Mcgalla was to later leave the company after a long, successful career there, to become a private consultant for the retail industry, an industry in which she had gathered vast experience and which she is passionate about. It was not long before another big corporate came seeking her wealth of experience to help turn around their dwindling fortunes. She served Wet Seal inc. as the Chief Executive Officer for almost two years before her desire to go private overpowered her and she left for private practice, this time for good. Her success in the corporates helms has been replicated in her private company, P3 Executive Consulting and most recently, as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth in the Pittsburg Steelers limited company. Her friends describe her as smart, efficient, driven and always seeking to improve the situation, strong characteristics to possess as a leader in her cadre.