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The Yeonmi Park Tribulations

Posted on 25 September, 2015  in Advocates

A first look at Yeonmi Park indicates a life of a humble girl that has easily attained celebrity status in a short period. In fact, many people still wonder how a girl, barely 21 years, controls such a huge following in the world. It all seems rosy until one listen to her story. The truth is that Park never finishes her story before the audience go into tears. Wondering why? It is the tribulations of her past that are worsened by the fact that she and her mother suffered in the hands of those that were meant to protect them.

Together with her sister and parents, the family lived in North Korea in the past happy times. The father was closely attached to the political circles, and life was good. They had never seen trouble in the past. Things began to change when the government lost its sources of funding and could not take good care of its citizens. Poverty was everywhere, and diseases were characteristic of their life. Park’s father grew financially broke and had to seek alternative methods to get funds so as to keep his family alive. He engaged in illegal trade and was apprehended by the authorities who sent him to jail. While he continued suffering, the family began to suffer in a way that none of them expected. With her mother and sister, they planned to get into China and seek a better life.

They were helped in China by the human trafficker. Park has traumatizing moments on when a trafficker raped her other as she watched. She could not do anything about it. After days of walking on mountains, they arrived in China and were set to begin a new life. They found jobs in restaurants for their upkeep.

Later, they moved to South Korea where life was better, compared to North Korea and China. It is in the course of the calamity that stroke North Korea that she began to develop resistance to the actions of the government. According to Park, it is a government that does not care about its people and declines to play its role as the provider of the nation. People have no basic needs or social amenities while those of the political class continue to enjoy life with their families. She advocates for the rights of the people of North Korea and encourages governments to take part in bettering the livelihood of its citizens. She has become a key figure in the human rights war waged against North Korea, and the country has grown extremely agitated by her continued attacks.

It is her voice that has set her on the path of war with her government. Park has exposed the suffering and oppression that government has waged in its citizens and how they prevent them from knowing the truth. It has been done by controlling the media and many other freedoms that people ought to have, for their well-being and understanding of issues. The simple act of exposing the government secrets has made the government label her a traitor, defector and an embarrassment to the North Korean nation. However, her bravery and unshaken effort to champion for rights is highly regarded and admired by many people.