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Shaygan Kheradpir Returns To The Big Time With Coriant

Posted on 30 November, 2015  in Business Leaders, CEO Profiles

The optical systems vendor Coriant has recently announced the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO in a bid to push the newly formed company towards a successful future. Coriant was created from a number of businesses and departments of Nokia, which was spun out of the communications giant in a bid to push forward the popularity of the company with Internet providers. The appointment of Kheradpir is seen as something of a coup for Coriant when the history of the new CEO is examined, largely because of the success he achieved at Verizon and Barclays in creating new products and lowering costs.

Shaygan Kheradpir first found business success as the head of research and development at GTE Labs and Verizon after the two companies merged. Kheradpir made a name for himself in the telecommunications industry for his innovations in the industry and for the stance he took on maintaining low costs. The new CEO of Coriant began his career by looking at the best ways of developing new products, which include creating small dedicated teams that were responsible for individual pieces of products that were given a 30 day deadline for breakthroughs to be made. The success of this strategy led to it becoming the industry standard for embarking on new technology research.

There is much more to Shaygan Kheradpir than simply his skills in research and development, but also include a large level of business acumen that has led him on a successful career. Kheradpir saw his career take him to Barclays, the international financial giant that was looking to develop its technology base in the early years of the 21st century. Many of the Online payment methods we all now take for granted were developed by Kheradpir as a board member at the financial corporation.

Coriant is looking to develop its own position within the Internet communications industry and is hoping Shaygan Kheradpir can lead them to a successful future with his wide range of skills in this area of business. The company has been working with Kheradpir for a number of months in a bid to conduct a strategic review of the business as a whole. The ability to develop products quickly and on budget is something that Coriant hopes Shaygan Kheradpir will be able to bring to its range of products within the business model he implements in the coming months and years.


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The Expansion of Nobilis Health

Posted on 21 November, 2015  in Healthcare Companies

Nobilis Health Corporation was recently known by a different name. In December 05, 2014 it was decided that North Star Healthcare would be known as Nobilis Health Inc. In addition to receiving the name change Nobilis Health received a list of investors that would help the company to expand within the U.S. markets. Nobilis Health Inc. partners with doctors in the proprietorship and administration of healthcare services. Nobilis owns and oversees intrigues in five outpatient surgery facilities. Three of these centers are located in Houston, TX, one is in Dallas, TX and the final facility is located in Scottsdale, AZ. Nobilis also owns other health facilities throughout Houston. Nobilis has been successful through the years because of its business model. Their business plan is centered on the goal of making the most of opportunities that are available to the physicians that are associated with the company. In addition to being focus on maximizing the opportunities available for the doctors, Nobilis also focused on growing the ambulatory surgical centers within their network and increasing revenue by taking full advantage of marketing opportunities and upgrading current operating procedures. In April of 2015, Nobilis Health Expanded evens more by acquiring North American Spine. North American Spine is a nationally recognized center that provides AccuraScope procedure. As a part of the Nobilis Health Inc. family, North America Spine has expanded their treatment options. They now offer Curaspine and Securaspine procedure to patients. Like the AccuraScope procedure that is offered by North America Spine, these two treatments are also minimally invasive.


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Things You Never Knew About Visual Search Technology

Posted on 17 November, 2015  in Shopping Tech

With modern technology, the world has become like a small village and people are now able to execute different tasks without necessary having to travel long distances. Automation has been viewed as a great addition to the betterment of life and this has been possible with the introduction of different software that has allowed people ion different companies to handle tasks easily. All this boils down to the attainment of efficiency and an overall improvement in the rate of production. Without the kind of technology that is available today, the lives of some people would turn completely miserable; probably everyone wants and loves to use image reconition technology. This is not to mean all has been exploited. Visual search is a new system that allows one to easily search for items online without necessarily having to use the keyboard to type search questions.

Visual search technology utilizes photos to avail results that are relevant and related to the photo one has inserted. It is a system that is easy to use and will not demand one to use complicated procedures to get the right information. Sometimes searching for a specific product will prove difficult and challenging but with an innovative system like visual search, it is possible to get the exact products and items one would like to purchase or view. This technology has been especially useful while shopping. The system allows for several options where the person using the internet can search with detailed instructions.

Slyce is an innovative company that has ventured in the development of software that is meant to offer easy processes for searching information online. They have pioneered the development of visual search systems that can allow one to help shoppers easily access different products. Slyce has been awarded for the kind of innovation and creativity they have displayed in the development of the visual search software. The system is designed in a manner that allows for easy integration of the software to a website and many individuals have been able to benefit from the company’s developments.

For more than five years, Slyce has been working with tech savvy professionals who have borough forward great ideas that have helped to make the use of the internet better. They have maintained their top standards and discipline in the development of different systems that are meant to make the use of the internet an interesting affair among different groups of people.


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Proud to Be A Beneful Family

Posted on 13 November, 2015  in Dog Food

Ever since I was a child, I always believed the saying that dogs are people’s best friends. Of course, there are many other pets that rank high in our friendship; however, dogs have enjoyed a special relationship with humans since they were domesticated thousands of years ago. With their companionship and long track record of heroic deeds, dogs will continue to be endured in our hearts and lives. My dad raised beagles for hunting dogs. Even though he rarely shot anything, Dad would let the beagles run rabbits just for the practice. We lived on a big farm in the country and Dad built a comfortable kennel to keep our dogs safe and sound. I will always remember listening to them barking and howling as they were running around with us. Not only did we raise beagles, but we kept a couple of beautiful Border Collies to help around on the farm. They were a male and female that we named Bonnie and Clyde, because we never knew what those ornery dogs were going to get into next. They loved to aggravate the beagles and to get them barking while they ran off like nothing ever happened. Bonnie and Clyde were very useful in the cow pastures, though. Those two could herd up cows like no other dogs we ever saw. The cows knew that they had better move or they would get a sharp nip at the foot by the doggy duo. This motley crew comprised our outdoor dogs. Although Dad never really liked to have animals in the house, he could not say no to Mom’s little Pomeranian, JoJo. JoJo was definitely a one- dog person and Mom was his choice. When she was holding and coddling him, he dared anyone to come near them. He acted like he was king of the roost and would send the other dogs flying away when he went outside. Dad tried to act annoyed, but I think he was fond of JoJo also. When I grew up and had my own family, I still wanted to have dogs in our lives. We have a little black Cocker Spaniel named Tinker and a Min-Pin named Minnie. Our children love playing with the dogs, which are like part of the family. When it comes to Tinker’s and Minnie’s nutrition, we choose Purina Beneful dog food. Purina is a brand that has been trusted for generations. Beneful has the taste our dogs love and the nutritious ingredients we want for them. We are glad to be a Beneful family.


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Now, I have to learn the Cloud too?

Posted on 9 November, 2015  in Uncategorized

As if the internet was not a big enough change for Americans that grew up without such technology like us Gen X’ers, but now I have to worry about the cloud, and all the apprehension I had about moving business onto the Web came back in startling fashion. Initially, I had fears about security on the Web. In most cases, I was correct because personal and business information is syphoned from the Web and sold through various legal and non-legal channels as well as some government sanctioned and governmental activities in this realm. The competition can peruse your website and replicate even intricate marketing techniques that have been pioneered and kept proprietary for many decades, or they could just hack your system and sack or sabotage your entire Web-based business.

I also know like the Web, the cloud cannot be ignored. I needed cyber security on the Web, and I want to research those same options with the cloud before I employ the cloud in any form into my business. The learning curve alone will mean many companies will not be able to employ the advancements the cloud will imbue on Web business and business in general. For many people this sounds exclusionary, but for me, it means playing in a space that has limited participation by the competition, employing those advancements as an edge against the competition to grow my business, increasing profits, and squeezing or eliminating some of my competitors.

It could really be a beautiful thing, but it has to be secure. There also has to be some guidance for businesses newly utilizing cloud technology in the form of a web application or service because individuals with this knowledge will be increasingly valuable until the point at which their services will be exclusionary to many businesses’ budgets. Additionally, a service of this type could prevent me from having to utilize another person or business at all. This saves much time, and time really is money, but this type of entity would have to be available for me to access cloud technologies and capabilities, and this company would have to be backed by credible entities.

However, it does exist in the form of a company called CipherCloud, and it is as if they read my rant and acted on it. They are a cyber or Web security company, but they have very refined and particular cloud capabilities that are driven toward bringing businesses and individuals onboard the cloud with particular proficiency. This company allows me the security, but with many other services that are necessary like risk assessment and usage assessment for application discovery. How great is that? It acknowledges the risk of the new cloud technology and offers a succinct solution, and this is only a small portion of their services.


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Stephen Murray Creates Legacy Through CCMP Capital Advisors

Posted on 4 November, 2015  in Investment Firm

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors LLC is a private equity firm headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The firm, which was founded in 2006, operates worldwide and specializes in buyouts and growth investments. CCMP focuses on companies from $250 million to $2 billion in size and invests between $100 million and $500 million in equity for each deal. CCMP’s advisors deliver success by working with CCMP’s clients’ managing teams to develop mutual goals, reach various targets and monitor transaction progress.

CCMP Capital Advisors was founded through a series of mergers. In 1984 Chemical Venture Partners was established as a branch of Chemical Bank. Throughout the years Chemical Venture Partners merged with a number of different companies, including with JPMorgan in 2000 to become JPMorgan Partners. In 2002 JPMorgan Partners Global Investors fund closed its doors, and four years later CCMP Capital Advisors was formed.

The private equity firm specializes in the energy, healthcare, industrial and retail industries. CCMP includes J.P. Morgan Partners, AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Cabela’s and Medpace among its many notable clients.

Stephen Murray was a private equity investor and former vo-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital Advisors. Murray passed away in March of 2015. He worked for CCMP Capital Advisors and its predecessors since 1989. He became head of buyouts at JPMorgan Partners in 2005. In 2006 he co-founded CCMP Capital Advisors and became its CEO in 2007.

Murray received his bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his master’s degree in business from Columbia. The businessman served on the board of Octagon Credit Investors, AMC Entertainment and the Vitamin Shoppe among other companies. Murray was also involved in philanthropy and charities throughout Boston and New York City. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation and was its vice chairman of the board of trustees, Boston College and Stamford Museum among others.


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Susan McGalla and Her Excellent Branding Skills

Posted on 2 November, 2015  in Business Leaders

If an author had to pen a book about Susan McGalla on irepeort.cnnthey could probably write a story about Susan and her excellent marketing skills. She has been one of the top marketing consultants in the business world for many years, and many people listen to her because she is the voice that speaks from wisdom. As a marketing major I have studied the retail industry quite thoroughly, and I see that there are some companies that have the right leadership in place. These are the companies that get it right. There are other companies, on the other hand, that are not so lucky. Susan McGalla has been one of those leaders that gave companies revenue streams that made investors and the Board of Directors happy. She is one of those female executives that has managed to crack the glass ceiling wide open and she has shown that she is an effective business leader with a mentality to build brands and retain customers.

I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak and I know that she is very knowledgeable in this industry. When it comes to building a brand I honestly cannot think of anyone that would be more effective and developing relationships with customers than Susan McGalla. She has the skills that a lot of the executives wish that they had when it comes to business. She has managed to become someone that is able to take a thorough look at what is happening in the industry and make a great analysis of where a company can benefit from change. There is hardly ever a time when I company will inquire help from Susan if there is not a need for some type of change. The only difference is that Susan McGalla is someone that is bold enough to speak the truth; she doesn’t hold back on
employers. She has been in the business world long enough to know that there is no time to mince words when profits are on the line. Susan is all about the bottom line, and she is able to get results.

What I have noticed over the years is that Susan is someone that is confident in her abilities to build a brand. In the business world this is often the only thing that really matters. It doesn’t really matter how good your ideas are if you’re not confident in the vision that you are trying to project to others. What made Susan confident is her educational background and the way that she is learning the business. She has not been on the side lines in leadership roles as someone that is on the outside looking in. She has become someone that has gotten her hands dirty and experienced The woes of failure in the victory that comes with success. McGalla can speak on a wide range of topics when it comes to branding because she has been right there in the mix. Her skills in marketing are certified by her work history.