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Susan McGalla and Her Excellent Branding Skills

Posted on 2 November, 2015  in Business Leaders

If an author had to pen a book about Susan McGalla on irepeort.cnnthey could probably write a story about Susan and her excellent marketing skills. She has been one of the top marketing consultants in the business world for many years, and many people listen to her because she is the voice that speaks from wisdom. As a marketing major I have studied the retail industry quite thoroughly, and I see that there are some companies that have the right leadership in place. These are the companies that get it right. There are other companies, on the other hand, that are not so lucky. Susan McGalla has been one of those leaders that gave companies revenue streams that made investors and the Board of Directors happy. She is one of those female executives that has managed to crack the glass ceiling wide open and she has shown that she is an effective business leader with a mentality to build brands and retain customers.

I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak and I know that she is very knowledgeable in this industry. When it comes to building a brand I honestly cannot think of anyone that would be more effective and developing relationships with customers than Susan McGalla. She has the skills that a lot of the executives wish that they had when it comes to business. She has managed to become someone that is able to take a thorough look at what is happening in the industry and make a great analysis of where a company can benefit from change. There is hardly ever a time when I company will inquire help from Susan if there is not a need for some type of change. The only difference is that Susan McGalla is someone that is bold enough to speak the truth; she doesn’t hold back on
employers. She has been in the business world long enough to know that there is no time to mince words when profits are on the line. Susan is all about the bottom line, and she is able to get results.

What I have noticed over the years is that Susan is someone that is confident in her abilities to build a brand. In the business world this is often the only thing that really matters. It doesn’t really matter how good your ideas are if you’re not confident in the vision that you are trying to project to others. What made Susan confident is her educational background and the way that she is learning the business. She has not been on the side lines in leadership roles as someone that is on the outside looking in. She has become someone that has gotten her hands dirty and experienced The woes of failure in the victory that comes with success. McGalla can speak on a wide range of topics when it comes to branding because she has been right there in the mix. Her skills in marketing are certified by her work history.