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The Expansion of Nobilis Health

Posted on 21 November, 2015  in Healthcare Companies

Nobilis Health Corporation was recently known by a different name. In December 05, 2014 it was decided that North Star Healthcare would be known as Nobilis Health Inc. In addition to receiving the name change Nobilis Health received a list of investors that would help the company to expand within the U.S. markets. Nobilis Health Inc. partners with doctors in the proprietorship and administration of healthcare services. Nobilis owns and oversees intrigues in five outpatient surgery facilities. Three of these centers are located in Houston, TX, one is in Dallas, TX and the final facility is located in Scottsdale, AZ. Nobilis also owns other health facilities throughout Houston. Nobilis has been successful through the years because of its business model. Their business plan is centered on the goal of making the most of opportunities that are available to the physicians that are associated with the company. In addition to being focus on maximizing the opportunities available for the doctors, Nobilis also focused on growing the ambulatory surgical centers within their network and increasing revenue by taking full advantage of marketing opportunities and upgrading current operating procedures. In April of 2015, Nobilis Health Expanded evens more by acquiring North American Spine. North American Spine is a nationally recognized center that provides AccuraScope procedure. As a part of the Nobilis Health Inc. family, North America Spine has expanded their treatment options. They now offer Curaspine and Securaspine procedure to patients. Like the AccuraScope procedure that is offered by North America Spine, these two treatments are also minimally invasive.