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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Changing Market Trends in the Dog Food Industry

Posted on 27 January, 2016  in Business

Changing market trends in the dog industry are triggering creativity and innovations among manufacturers. To rise to the new levels in the industry, traditional pet food makers like Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle Purina, Mars’ Petcare and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are improving the quality of their products and services. Your pooch can now lose weight with Colgate-Palmolive’s food while Nestle Purina allows you to customize special blends from their website. Mars’ Petcare is freeze-drying Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, which is mixed with blueberries and cranberries to lock nutrients. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are making dog food without artificial flavors and colors. All these improvements are being done to match wits with upcoming companies like Blue Buffalo co. and Freshpet, which only use fresh ingredients and avoid preservatives while limiting storage period. However, big companies like Purina are taking their game a notch higher by creating more innovations and acquisitions. After buying Merrick Pet care, Purina has new recipes like game bird and pacific catch and a fat sourced from coconut oil, which is convenient for older dogs’ metabolism. With its refrigerated dog meals, Freshpet is breaking its boundaries and are now selling their products in nearly 15,000 stores including Target, Whole Food Market and Walmart. Freshpet has grain-free feeds, which include raw chicken and beef mixed with natural probiotics and other ingredients such as sweet potatoes, kale and spinach. The CEO of Freshpets, Richard Thompson, says that the company will turn profit in 2016. This information was originally reported on DailyHerald as highlighted below Beneful, Nestle Company’s brand produces safe and healthy dry dog food for over 15 million dogs each year. Beneful dog food is convenient since it is made with perfect ingredients like real meats and vitamin-rich veggies, which are available in 20 wholesome meals. The meals come in various textures ranging from thinly diced chopped blends to big hearty piece in hearty roasters. Beneful has the best packaging sizes on Purina Store from 3 oz multi packs to 10 oz resealable tubs. The Beneful brand Baked delights dog snacks are properly crafted and oven-baked. These dog snacks include shortbread cookie and dog snacks made with chicken and cheese, shortbread cookie and dog snacks made with bacon and cheese and crispy dog snacks with soft, savory centers, made with beef and cheese. Other oven-baked snacks are crispy dog snack crackers with cheese and hickory smoke flavors and Snackers.


Monthly Archives: January 2016

Securus Stays on Top of Innovation in Inmate Communication

Posted on 21 January, 2016  in Business, Video Visitation Technology

When it comes to prison visit most people would probably prefer to stay at home. Prisons are unpleasant. Most people that have never been to prison will have no interest in visiting one even for the sake of going to see a friend or loved one. Securus Technologies has actually made it much easier for people that are scared to go to prison for visitations. This company has developed a system that allows people to make at-home video visitation a possibility from their desktop computers. This software is also available for tablet and smart phone users.

It has been a long time coming, but the inmate communication industry is finally ready for this type of new innovation. There are already many apps and app stores that allow people to connect through chat with friends that they can see and speak with simultaneously. It would only be a matter of time before this thing type of technology would be implemented in software for prisons. Currently, this is not available in prisons throughout the world, but Securus’ video visitation app is something that is very buzzworthy in the corrections community. Government agencies that are looking for ways to cut down on the staff that it takes to facilitate the process of visitation will undoubtedly look at this as a cost saver. Initially, it will be a transition that can be costly upfront. Over time, however, government agencies will see that Securus it’s one of the best possible choices that could possibly be implemented into the visitation infrastructure. I have noticed that the lines for visitation are a lot shorter for the prisons that have made the decision to implement this system. I believe that it is a very effective system, and I think that more prison systems should put this on their list of things to do.

Securus has become the powerhouse company that has managed to take this type of prison video conferencing technology and really do what it takes to provide a greater form of greater convenience for people on the outside. I think that this company will go far because it has managed to provide a service that millions of people need. There are lots of people that are locked up, and millions of family members want the convenience to communicate with their family members without leaving home. That is certainly why the company has become so popular in the last several years with video visitation fans.


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Greg Hague Proposes Innovative Strategies on Selling Homes

Posted on 21 January, 2016  in Real Estate, Real Estate Industry

According to Greg, the process of selling homes has largely remained the same over the past 75 years. Amazon/Apple level strategies have hardly been used to sell real estate. Greg labels the traditional process of selling homes as hope marketing. This is because agents put signs in the yard, run few ads and hope that buyers will come along and purchase these properties. Hague hails Apple’s iPhone sophistication compared to the process adopted by the real estate industry of floating a $500,000 home in the market.

Through Real Estate Mavericks, Hague has designed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula. In addition, he has developed a 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. These plans work by initiating building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing efforts. This strategy elicits rush of buyers to the market once a home has been floated. On the 22-Step Home Launching Formula, the first step is building of anticipation before pre-launching, erecting a yard sign and substituting a home to MLS. In the pre-launch period, the listing agent designs the seller’s story of motivation that woos potential buyers. Hague argues that buyers are willing to part with more if the homes that they intend to purchase have not been put out in the market.

Through his coaching company, Hague advises that once real estate agents have listed a home for sale, they should not be in a hurry to place yard signs and enter the homes into MLS. These agents should make other agents in the community aware of their intent to sell a home. In addition, agents should reach out to potential buyers for a sneak preview to the homes before they can be put in market. When buyers find new homes that have not been in the market for long, they are likely to pay premium in order to own the homes. If the home has been in the market for long, they will presume that it is overpriced or it has concerns and will not purchase such a home.

Hague asserts that most real estate agents are accustomed to routine jobs. As such, they have not been exposed to different price maximization strategies utilized by the online marketers’ and top retail firms. This information was reported on Forbes as exhibited in the link below

Real Estate Mavericks
The real estate coaching institution has been phenomenon in providing outstanding lessons to real estate agents. The entity provides real estate agents and interested persons with immense knowledge of the real estate sector. Real Estate Mavericks provides norm-breaking formulas that help an agent to rile competitors. The courses provided are the 29-Day Fast Sale Program and the LinkedIn Pro.

Greg Hague
His career in real estate began when he was aged 12. It is at his dad’s firm that the young Greg started working as a janitor. While in college, he would sell real estate during the summer break. In 1974, Greg graduated from law school and passed the Ohio bar exam. Soon after, Greg and his law school friend founded their real estate. Within five years, the firm had been featured in Ohio newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. His turnaround came in 1980 when he lost everything. He learned valuable lessons from the loss. Greg started again from scratch and worked his way up to the top. Hague has been honored as a Pro Bono Attorney and Law Professor of the Year.


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George Soros and the Financial Markets

Posted on 18 January, 2016  in Business


In a recent article with Bloomberg, George Soros said that he thinks the current financial markets around the world are in for a downturn. There are many things about the current market that signal a lot of weakness. For example, there has been a lot of weakness coming out of China. Anyone who is looking to invest in the financial markets needs to make sure they are thinking long term. The markets in that country have had to be turned off before because they are going down so fast. There are also a lot of things domestically in the United States that signal trouble. Here are some of the biggest reasons that George Soros is bearish on the financial position of the world.


China has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world for the past several years. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that China and its growth are slowing. There are many investors who are looking to invest in China. However, this has a lot of consequences for anyone who is interested in earning a high return over the long term. George Soros says that he would stay away from nations like China. There are many people in that country that try to make their financial markets look better than they actually area. George Soros wants to invest in areas that he is confident in over a long period of time. This is not one of those areas.

Student Debt

Student loans are another huge program being faced by the economy. There are millions of students who have borrowed money to go to school. Although this sounds like a good investment, there are many students who now regret going to school because they cannot afford the debt on their school. These high monthly payments can really eat into the cash flow of a person who is trying to save money. To make matters worse, there is a really soft job market right now for college graduates. This has created a situation where students are unable to work to pay for the student loans they took on in order to get a better job. This entire cycle is something that is simply not sustainable. George Soros believes that this will be a drag on the economy of the developed world for many years to come.


George Soros has made many predictions over the years about the economy. One of the most common is that the economy is coming to an end. However, this year he predicted that the economy would look a lot like 2008. There are a lot of people who are worried about the current state of finances around the world. If you are someone who invests in the financial markets, it is important to look at what George Soros has to say. Over the years, he is a good source of information on various economic conditions around the world financially.