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Doe Deere’s Favorite Fashion Rules To Break

Posted on 31 March, 2016  in Beauty Experts, CEO Profiles

Doe Deere is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Doe Deere wants to show that cosmetics are a form of freedom and self expression. Deere decided to name her company Lime Crime based on a combination of Lime being Deere’s favorite color, and the fact that the style of eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes that Deere makes should be illegal. Deere supports other female owned businesses and female entrepreneurship in general. Deere loves to pass on her knowledge to other aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Recently, Deere listed her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Deere likes to show other women that they can still look stylish while not following the conventional path when it comes to styling.

Deere’s first tip is not to mix too many colors together. Deere says that exotic color combinations make women excited, however it would make sense to go with something softer. Deere says the best thing to do is to pull off multiple shades in the ensemble, which will help everything color coordinate. Deere says that this should go for your hair and makeup.

Deere’s second tip is not to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Deere likes to combine a smokey eye with nude lips. Deere also likes the combination of Red Velvet lip with Blue Milk eyeliner.

Deere doesn’t like the idea of mixing too many patterns. Deere is a fan of print on print looks. Deere likes to keep the pattern within the scheme or have them complimenting each other.

Deere says avoid using open toed shoes or heels. Deere feels that socks should reflect an expressive personality. Deere feels that socks and shoes are partners that should work well together. It is best to have fun picking the combinations.

Deere’s advice would be to avoid black or neutrals if you have naturally colored hair. Deere says to pay attention to the intensity of color. If your colors look nice together, then you can get creative with your hues.

Deere believes that a common myth is that occasion dressing is still important. Deere rarely saves outfits for special occasions. Deere believes that people should wear whatever makes them comfortable regardless of what the occasion is. Creativity and fashion is all about having fun.


Monthly Archives: March 2016

U.S. Money Reserve Serving America Now For Over A Decade

Posted on 26 March, 2016  in Investing

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded due to the popularity of precious metals like gold among the American people. Gold market veterans came together as they saw the need for a company to provide customers with trustworthy guidance, market knowledge as well as customer service that stood above the rest. This led to the formation of the U.S. Money Reserve which has now been around for more than a decade and having served several hundred thousand customers with government issue gold, platinum and silver coins. Many people on twitter today see the dire need to diversify their asset portfolio with more than just paper currency. Paper currency in recent years has come to be known as a very volatile, unstable investment due to economic downturn, geopolitical issues as well as government collapse.

These facts from CBS19 are undeniable and are the main reason for people seeking out other forms of safe and profitable investments. The popularity of precious metals has gone up for this very reason. Precious metals are seen by many as the last recession proof asset as it’s value has been consistently stable over the years. Due to it’s rarity and sought after appeal precious metals have remained so popular. The U.S. Money Reserve understands the need for people to diversify with precious metals as well as the need for expert guidance and market knowledge when making your first purchase. They strongly believe that it is more important to create a trusting atmosphere and a relationship with the customer than to just sell the precious metals. Therefore they have such a strong track record when it comes to the sale of gold silver and platinum products.

Their diverse team of professionals assist the clients every step of the way insuring they are happy with their decision. The U.S. Money Reserve also understands that purchasing assets in precious metal form can also be a difficult decision and therefore provides every single customer with a 30 day money back guarantee. This ensures that the client is completely happy with the choice of their asset without the worry of having made the wrong decision. Having a physical asset that the customer can hold, touch and feel is a very unique experience in todays society as most assets are paper bound.

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George Soros Re-Enters Presidential Politics with Donation to the Clinton Campaign

Posted on 11 March, 2016  in U.S. Presidential Elections

The housing bubble collapsed in 2008. It happened because of thousands of bad investments made by banks. Hundreds of banks loaned money to people using the adjustable rate mortgage model. Thousands of people defaulted on these loans when the interest rates went up and the borrowers could no longer make their monthly payments. This series of bad investments led to an event called the Great Recession. Some economists believed that an anemic economy followed the event, although not all of them have agreed that it ended.

George Soros believes that current conditions, caused in part by China’s aggressive economic policies, will lead to a collapse of the global economy. Home owners will not lose their homes this time. It will be corporations and governments in the developing world who cannot pay back their loans creating the toxic debt.

The liberal billionaire has good reason to believe this. China continues to devalue its currency to keep selling inexpensive goods worldwide. The country’s communist government continues to invest in building projects even though no one occupies these structures after they are built. Many ghost towns have sprung up around the nation.

George Soros believes that the world’s second largest economy would collapse if conditions remain unchanged. Many of the world’s larger economies have still not fully recovered from the housing bubble. A global economic catastrophe would plunge the world back into another recession or worse.

Wealthy Americans can do little about the laws and conditions in China, but they can help steer this country in the right direction to mitigate the effects of such a catastrophe. Soros hopes that by donating $6 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign he can stave off the worst effects.

Clinton has announced her plans to expand national service to provide additional college opportunities, although like almost all of the other presidential candidates, she has yet to reveal the details of her economic plans. The debates have focused on immigration policy, gun violence and speculation about the size of the candidates’ genitalia on the Republican side. Believing one candidate has more advanced plans may be premature, but Clinton and Sanders have released more details of their plans than their Republican rivals.

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George Soros New Moves In The Energy Stock Market

Posted on 4 March, 2016  in Energy Investments

George Soros, the owner of Soros fund management, made new decisions in the energy stock market that has made investors wonder what could be behind the whole sales moves of his shares. Soros fund management was recorded in the last quarter to have sold all its shares in Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake energy a week ahead the watch on the energy prices. However, the energy prices have been on a cycle of falling and rising and proceeded with the action of Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze oil production. There have been low oil prices for consumers in the market and traders have recorded a great loss in the oil market.
Possibly the move of Soros in the energy market has a hidden meaning that investors should watch out for. Many investors success has been through watching the buying and selling of stock moves by George Soros before they acted on their stock. This time, they have been left in confusion as to why Soros disposed of all his shares in the energy market. The week has also been a distress to the energy companies and maybe investors too should be on the lookout for these loopholes in the oil sector, and it does not seem to augur well in the market trading. This information can be obtained from The Street.

Soros is a great political, business and philanthropist from Budapest. He is one of the Jews who survived during the World War 2 Holocaust. He studied a degree in Economics in London and has been the lead in hedge fund management. He also tops in the top 25 list of Hedge Fund Managers analyzed by Forbes magazine and is widely known for his tactics in investment and market watch. By 2013, Soros hedge foundation made a profit estimated to be $4 million with more than 22% returns from his trading. Soros has also been very good in analyzing the US stock market before embarking on putting all their investments in them. He advises investors to follow the herd and not make independent moves without looking at what other investors are doing.

George Soros is also a liberal thinker who appreciates democracy. He is supporting Hillary Clinton in her election by funding her Super PAC campaign with more than $7 million. He also owns an Open Society Foundation that targets to promote the principles of an open society and democracy to giving scholarships to needy students and funding activities that promote human rights and transparency. The open society foundations have also been against apartheid policy in South Africa and they advocated for black students to attend schools that only whites attended. The organization runs in more than 100 countries globally. Soros experience in the market warrants investors to think as to why his firm sold all the energy shares before they sink into losses.