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Doe Deere’s Favorite Fashion Rules To Break

Posted on 31 March, 2016  in Beauty Experts, CEO Profiles

Doe Deere is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Doe Deere wants to show that cosmetics are a form of freedom and self expression. Deere decided to name her company Lime Crime based on a combination of Lime being Deere’s favorite color, and the fact that the style of eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes that Deere makes should be illegal. Deere supports other female owned businesses and female entrepreneurship in general. Deere loves to pass on her knowledge to other aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Recently, Deere listed her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Deere likes to show other women that they can still look stylish while not following the conventional path when it comes to styling.

Deere’s first tip is not to mix too many colors together. Deere says that exotic color combinations make women excited, however it would make sense to go with something softer. Deere says the best thing to do is to pull off multiple shades in the ensemble, which will help everything color coordinate. Deere says that this should go for your hair and makeup.

Deere’s second tip is not to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Deere likes to combine a smokey eye with nude lips. Deere also likes the combination of Red Velvet lip with Blue Milk eyeliner.

Deere doesn’t like the idea of mixing too many patterns. Deere is a fan of print on print looks. Deere likes to keep the pattern within the scheme or have them complimenting each other.

Deere says avoid using open toed shoes or heels. Deere feels that socks should reflect an expressive personality. Deere feels that socks and shoes are partners that should work well together. It is best to have fun picking the combinations.

Deere’s advice would be to avoid black or neutrals if you have naturally colored hair. Deere says to pay attention to the intensity of color. If your colors look nice together, then you can get creative with your hues.

Deere believes that a common myth is that occasion dressing is still important. Deere rarely saves outfits for special occasions. Deere believes that people should wear whatever makes them comfortable regardless of what the occasion is. Creativity and fashion is all about having fun.