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Venezueal Is A Home Of Diverse Culture

Posted on 23 May, 2016  in Venezuelan Issues

Culture defines people and their origin. Mustering and understanding your culture is very important. Venezuela is described as a culture hub. It has been recognized by UNESCO as having very diverse and interesting culture. Not only does the culture bring people together and reconcile them with their culture it also attracts tourists who come to view the interesting display. Venezuela has embraced its culture and has street carnivals where people display various artifacts and dresses worn in different ceremonies.
One of the most celebrated cultures according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is the Catholic celebration of Corpus Christi which is a mix of Venezuelan culture and some African celebration. The celebrations which are held annually attract thousands of people who come to witness the celebration which is meant to depict the fight between good and evil. Wearing colorful attires depicting various mystical creatures representing both parts of the divide people parade all over the streets. The culture has many participants including Diablos Danzantes aka the Dancing Devils have many enthusiasts. During the parade people come to renew their promises with saints and at the same time praying for good will and protection from the saints. this article can be accessed via .

The ceremony as explained by Velasquez Figueroa consists of musicians who play various instruments. The most notorious instrument is the drum which is used by senior musicians wearing masks. The drummers dance in a show of defiance to the devil. Every year the ceremony attracts many people. Some come to be initiated to the course while some are just curious specters.




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Quality Video Marketing Solutions Offered By Talk Fusion Company To Their Customers

Posted on 21 May, 2016  in Video Marketing

Talk Fusion is one of the largest privately held businesses in the United States. Talk Fusion focuses on providing video marketing solutions to their clients all over the world. This company is bringing a revolution in the way businesses are conducted. Talk Fusion is also changing the live standards of people by accruing them with the best form of meeting with clients at an online platform.


Investor Reina established Talk Fusion in a very favorable condition. Reina acts as the president and the first executive of the firm. This company is the best-selling company in the video marketing category, being used in more than 150 countries. Institutional products of Talk Fusion are marketed on an online portfolio, where the video gets to every person interested in the product. Talk Fusion broke the video marketing history by introducing a compensation plan that is paid instantly.


The success of Talk Fusion Company has been due to the high levels of ethics observance displaced by the staff. Bob Reina’s success has been triggered by his great talent of having a close and good relationship with the company’s staff. This company has been contributing to community projects for the social wellbeing of the citizens.


Recently, PR Newswire made a liberation regarding the achievements of Talk Fusion in the marketing industry. In the release, Bob Reina offered a month free trial version of video marketing in the capital markets. According to Reina, the version will be running in more than 130 countries, featuring nine different languages. Bob Reina added that esteemed clients are now in a position to enjoy the risk-free one month of the product.


Working under the supervision of CEO Bob Reina, qualified engineers, and IT experts have finally completed the development of the video marketing which has been made more efficient. According to Bob Reina, the one-month free trial will help esteemed clients to get a complete understanding of the application usage and its efficiency.


In the release, Reina also depicted that a significant number of customers will be in a position to buy the video marketing after using it. He added that financial institutions and individuals interested in getting the product should only register online and get access to the full product.


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How Does Kyle Bass Give Out Bad Investment Advice?

Posted on 20 May, 2016  in Business

Kyle Bass has been dedicated to his own wallet for a long time, and he has proved that there are a lot of things that will never come true in the world of investing. Kyle Bass has said that one nation after another would collapse, and he has said that people are going to keep losing money unless they are following the tips that he gives them. The problem is that his tips are never targeted at normal people. Kyle Bass has let his hedge fund go to waste, and he goes on TV to say things that economists know are not true.

Kyle Bass is now saying that people need to be able to figure out what a central bank would do, and he is also saying that these people need to have an idea of how foreign governments are going to make investments. These governments control how their currencies are traded, but trading in currency can be hard for people who do not understand macroeconomics. Kyle Bass is not focusing on things that will make people money so much as he is focusing on things that are going to help him get the best reputation in the world of investing. There are people who think he knows exactly what he is talking about, but they usually lose money when they listen to him.

Someone who wants to learn about investing needs to learn to avoid Kyle Bass. He has been called a desperate gambler because he only ever got one investment tip right. Everything else has been wild and off base. He does not have the interests of his listeners or clients at heart.

There are a lot of people who tune in to see Kyle Bass because they are interested to hear what he has to say, but it all gets out of control when they start to take him seriously. He is a dangerous man who is forcing people to make investments based on bad advice that he is giving. He is very convincing, and he is making life harder for everyone who is spending their money on the markets.


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Revitalizing New Jersey: Wassem Boraie

Posted on 10 May, 2016  in Real Estate Development

Shaquille ONeal and Wasseem Boraie are teaming up to bring luxury apartments to Atlantic City. Within the next few weeks, they will find out if they will receive an extension on the loan expiration date. The loan for the project is an estimated 30 million. This extension will allow the Casino Redevelopment Authority more time to evaluate their housing proposal and see if they can move forward with it.

This project has been in the making since 2013, but certain changes to the Casino landscape has put the plans on hold. First, the Shutter and Revel closed, which were two casinos that would be near the apartments. Then, Trump Taj Mahal was planning to open, so the new landscape didn’t make it hospitable for a new luxury apartment complex. This luxury hotel could detract from the apartment development.

This project could revitalize a part of Atlantic City and help the community. The development project would be in a neglected part of the city, the north end. The deadline will give the RDA a chance to re evaluate the project and give it the go ahead.

Wassam Boraie is the Executive Vice-President of Boraie development, a company which focuses on Urban Development mainly in New Jersey. He helps to run this privately owned Newark, New Jersey-based development firm that was first established in 1986. The company currently nets an annual income of 10-20 millions and employs a staff of 20-49 people. He is working diligently with his staff to help revitalize the New Jersey area.

Boraie has hoped to help the area for some time. Instead of focusing on one large project to help the economy, he has moved forward with several smaller ones to help spur the economy in the area. His ideas are being praised by city leaders and other developers are helping as well. Richard Tucker has brought a smaller project to Springfield to increase residential homes in the area. The company has experience with helping urban areas, because they had a similar situation they helped with in New Brunswick. These smaller projects could help increase luxury homes and bring jobs to this area of New Jersey.

Learn more:


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NutriMost Ultra Fat Loss

Posted on 10 May, 2016  in Lose More Weight

The NutriMost Ultra Fat Loss system is self proclaimed to help change people’s lives. They boast that you can lose 20 to 40 pounds in a matter of just 40 days. It is a doctor supervised weight loss program that claims to be good for your overall health. Their website says that the NutriMost program is said to hydrate your entire body, balance your overall ph, has nutritional and cleansing detoxifying properties, reset hypothalamus and weight set point, and is personalized for each individual’s hormones and body type. The goal of this program is to not only help the user lose weight but to become healthier in general.‘s diet program has been sweeping the entire nation as of late and receiving some rave reviews and testimonials (refer to: from people who gave it a try. The NutriMost Ultra Fat Loss system is not just self praised, but has been proven to work for others who in turn inspire others to reach their greatest health potential. For example, a doctor by the name of Rob Vasquez from San Antonio. He lost 30 pounds in a little over a month and his total weight loss from the program was 60 pounds he was able to take off and keep off thanks to his new healthy lifestyle with NutriMost, and decided to share on facebook some of the techniques with his own clients to improve their health as well.
He created his own five step program based on what he learned with NutriMost and now he helps people all over the world transform their bodies and lifestyles to healthier and happier.


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A Major Test Of Wen By Chaz

Posted on 7 May, 2016  in Haircare Products

A major test of WEN hair by Chaz was just done by, and they were out to prove that the shampoo is the best that people can use. It is something that people have been waiting. A shampoo on Twitter that is going to be able to stop hair from thinning, and it is going to be the thing that people are going to go to when they are having problems with their own thin hair.

The girl who did the test on started by showing that she does have thin blonde hair, and she has been having problems with the hair falling in her shower. She proves it with a test of the shampoo that starts with her reading the directions and only using a small amount of the shampoo. It is something that a lot of people would be surprised by because it does not take much to get the shampoo going, and it is going to wash all the hair on someone’s head without making a fuss on sephora about it.

The next step in the process is the girl rinsing her hair and showing that she still has all her hair. This is something that a lot of people will love because they are looking for something that will help them wash their hair without wondering what is going to happen when they start washing. People will avoid washing their hair to stop the shedding, but now they can use the Wen hair by Chaz shampoo to get the results they need and still actually wash their hair. Anyone who has thin hair can go right to this product, and they are going to get the results they want the first time around. They can shampoo with confidence using WEN hair, and the test proves that the shampoo does what it says it will do.


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Lime Crime Makeup Is Bold, Sassy And Uniquely Yours

Posted on 4 May, 2016  in Beauty Experts

Go big and bold or just go home. That’s basically the beauty message within each Lime Crime makeup essential, making the company loved around the world. Young people have adapted to the modern makeup company which offers ladies and also men, the chance to play around with radical, vivid colors in lipsticks and eye shadows.

The success of the Lime Crime brand boils down to its young, courageous and imaginative creator, Doe Deere and her campaign at @limecrimemakeup. She dared to develop a cosmetics line that paved the way for all the others to introduce bolder ways to define beauty. Lime Crime and Doe Deere are beauty pioneers in a cut-throat business where only the quality best survive.

Doe Deere is famous for incredible lipsticks from her Velvetines and Unicorn lines. These dreamy and sassy colors inspire young people globally to find their voice and show off their beauty style.

Imagine creamy lipstick that goes on smoothly and lasts and lasts in a bright purple tube adorned with a holographic unicorn. The low sheen finish is ultra-gorgeous, and the shades will blow your mind. Mint, Lilac, Orange and Yellow are some of the crazy wild colors that can rock your world.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines are the original matte lipstick that so many cosmetics companies are starting to dupe, but there is only one proven winner. Amazon reviewers say Velvetines are sexy good, and their amazing liquid matte lipstick dries to a touch-proof velvet finish. The shades to choose from are like no others. Consider Cool Gray, Deep Berry, Olive, Black Light Reactive Perwrinkle and Black Light Reactive Green. These bold and beautiful shades allow you to express your inner goddess.

Lime Crime has also ushered in their new Perlees lip colors in stunning, metallic pearl finishes. The lightweight formula is never drying and the finish is simply feminine and 90s inspired. Deep Blue, Mulberry Red, Pewter and Taupe Brown are just a few of these must-have metallic darlings.

Lime Crime makeup dares to mix it up, letting women and men be free and step away from the makeup uniform. It’s time to try something bold and beautiful.  Be sure to have a look at their Twitter for updates, and Doe Deere’s blog is perfect for following the direction of the company.