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JustFab Is Breaking Down The Walls

Posted on 22 October, 2016  in Business Leaders

There used to be a day where people thought that mostly women could be involved in the fashion business and men were a rarity. Thankfully, the world has evolved and people have seen that, no matter where someone comes from, what their gender is, or the color of their skin, they can do anything if they truly care about it, have passion for it, and are willing to put in the work to make it happen on That is one of the many wonderful things about the world we live in today is that barriers are being broken. It is 2016 and it is time for those to change with the times if they have not already.

That is why people should not be surprised by the success of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg when it comes to JustFab, a monthly service that sends out handbags, shoes, and other various accessories to women. The great thing about JustFab according to Adam Goldenberg, however, is that it does not just send out random items to random women. That would not be any fun for them. That would be like going to the movies and when someone walks in, they have no idea what movie they are seeing. People want to see movies they like and they want to get fashion goodies that they like.

Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler have teamed up and taken the time to get this right. After all, if someone is going to run a company, it is vital to run it the right way and make sure it has all of the tools to succeed. They need to make sure that customers are happy and they are getting the most out of their experience with the product. They do not want them to be disappointed or feel as though they were cheated out of something.

Another great thing they have done is brought in some fashion leaders to help them along with the process. It is always great to have advice from people out there that have been there and done that and might know a little more about fashion. That is not take anything away from Adam or Don, but just like with anything, good CEO’s are smart enough to reach out to people that know more than they do, because they can learn from it and use that knowledge to make the company even bigger and better. Source:


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Bruce Levenson Lands Great Deal for Atlanta Hawks

Posted on 17 October, 2016  in Business Plans

Bruce Levenson has been a mainstay in Atlanta sports for the better part of the past decade. Levenson took over the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 when he joined a group to purchase the team. Levenson has since carefully cultivate the squad into what now is a yearly postseason contender in the Eastern Conference. Levenson put the team into good hands when he hired Coach Budenholzer to lead the squad and now it looks like Levenson is ready to step away, having sold the team for an amazing $850 million.

The sale shouldn’t necessarily surprise anyone says ESPN News, as Levenson has been floating the franchise for the past couple of years but now it appears that right buyer has come along in Antony Ressler. Ressler is part of another purchasing group, alongside Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler, who will put together the required funds to take over the Hawks going forward. Ressler and the rest of the purchasing group will be coming into a situation where Hawk fans have gotten used to success and require more of it going forward, thanks to Levenson’s extensive work in franchise building.

Levenson will be selling off the team to an owner who has been trying to get into the realm of professional sports for awhile now. Ressler is a minority owner for the Milwaukee Brewers and he had been in the running for the Los Angeles Clippers only a couple of years ago. Ressler is finally over the hump now and fans will be interested to see just what he’s able to do going forward. Grant Hill, on the other hand, will only have a small percentage of ownership in the franchise but he will meet the 1% threshold set forward by the NBA CBA. Atalnta fans eagerly await what is to come for their franchise going forward. Read more about Mr. Levenson on


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The Dallas Foundation Partnering With Success

Posted on 6 October, 2016  in James Dondero, The Dallas Zoo

Mary Jalonick who is the CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation has reached out. Mary Jalonick is looking for an experienced and knowledgeable partner to help manage the yearly budget of The Dallas Foundation. The budget of The Dallas Foundation has expanded over three million.

Highland Capital Management has decided to partner with The Dallas Foundation because of its history and involvement within the community of North Texas. This organization throughout the years has shown a great success rate within the community of nonprofit organizations. With the start of partnership occurring strategies to move forward have started. The strategic framework aims to provide charitable success that is ambitious, audacious, and effective.

During the involvement with The Dallas Foundation James Dondero has hired Linda Owen. Linda Owen has prior experience being the President and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda Owen specifically helps James Dondero’s vision be heard and connected with organizations that are nonprofit that aim to make life improvements in North Texas.

 James is the current President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. As the President and CEO of Highland Capital Management he is in charge of overseeing asset policies and procedures for the marketing and established products at Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero is a reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced advisor regarding investment affairs. His business expertise pairs great with his knowledgeable philanthropic based strategies. James Dondero has magnificent experience of more than thirty years with markets that focus primarily on high-yield and distraught capitalizing.

James Dondero is very involved in giving back to his local community. James Dondero has continuously been an involved supporter for the healthcare and education in the community of Dallas.

He has also provided his successful expertise to several organizations some of them include The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library. James Dondero is also very involved in matters associated with veterans and civic policy. Throughout his career years James Dondero has received many awards. Learn more about James Dandero:

In conclusion, Highland Capital Management and The Dallas Foundation working together are making strategic change and success one step at a time.


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Class Dojo

Posted on 6 October, 2016  in Apps

We live in an age where technology dictates every aspect of our lives. What’s more, children at younger ages are becoming used to using technology in all of its functions. Because of this, the classroom is one area where technology is beginning to find its most vast improvements.

Class Dojo is an application that has taken this concept to the next level. This application came out a few years ago and has since helped a number of teachers forge ground-up change in bridging the connection between students and teachers. The application gets parents involved as well, as it serves as a communication platform to give them a glimpse into what is going on in the classroom on a regular basis. In the same way that social media platforms like Facebook inform followers on their regular life, Class Dojo allows teachers to keep parents abreast of classroom happenings through photo and video sharing, progress reports, student led presentations and portfolios, private instant messaging, student discussion forums and so much more. This application creates empowerment and connection that makes the learning environment one that is filled with joy and participation.

Since this application launched a few years ago, it has gone on to help 3 million teachers. These teachers have written rave reviews about this application, to the point that they have built a following and potential market share that would rival industry giants such as Coca-Cola. Because of the full potential with this app, the creators are focusing on making the product as high quality as possibly and are currently keeping monetization a secondary consideration and making the quality of product a main priority.

Parents have also gotten behind this application, as they love it when teachers post pictures and videos. It gives parents an unrivaled glimpse into what happens in their child’s classroom on a regular basis, so they can feel actively apart of their education. There are also systems within the app that allow teachers to give students progress reports, similar to receiving a gold star or sticker in a previous era.

All in all, it is clear that this application can become a giant within the education industry, due to its ability in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The owners of the company are just getting started, so there’s a good chance you will see it in your child’s school at some point in the future if you have not already experienced it.