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Wine Buyers Online

Posted on 30 November, 2016  in Buy Wine Online, UK Vintners

The wine has been inexistence for a couple of years, and people have been drinking wine for various reasons including during celebrations, for fun and health reasons. Wine is not only manufactured in big factories, but people also make wine in their backyards using the available fruit berries they have. Wine should not be something intimidating, but it should be something that one enjoys and a good drink to taste.

Several countries are known to manufacture wine, including the vintners based in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has formed a Vintners Society an ancient organization. The Vintner’s society was established in the early 70’s with a few wine merchants coming together and deciding to form an association. The primary reason of founding the association was to enable the wine merchant compete effectively in the wine industry. The group has a strong support from the distiller and they have also introduced many other companies who were admitted as members of the Vintners society and have spread throughout the United Kingdom.


The Vintners Society is mainly owned by family-owned independent vintners in the United Kingdom whose their managers have made the decision to come together with entrepreneurs with a similar mind and those who operate the same industry. The main objective of forming the association was to mainly offer competitive rates of wine and a satisfying variety of wine which is offered exclusively for sale purposes. For the society to operate efficiently, it has appointed a Chief Executive Officer who operates from their office in Sussex and it has a committee within the group who are dedicated to the various wine growing regions. The committee which is appointed is responsible for wine tasting, and reviews of purchasing which are done four times a year.

The Society Vintners takes its pride in distributing quality instead of price focus and it differentiates itself from many other wine producers. The Vintners members also draws much benefit from the association including knowledge with an overhead kept to the minimum. Any UK wine merchant who wishes to join the association is only required to be make constant contribution to the product mix and which the association reviews regularly.

Technology has been advancing recently, and one of the tools which are social media has been very popular within the wine growers. Wine companies have now resolved into selling wine online. For the entertainers buying wine in bulk is very helpful when it is done online. In the United Kingdom, there are many places where one can buy wine online including Online Wine Merchant, The Vintners which is the largest online wine buying site in the United Kingdom. The site also makes it easy for bulk wine buyers.


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Kenneth Goodgame Continues to Advance Career

Posted on 24 November, 2016  in Rubbermaid

Kenneth Goodgame is a leading executive in the home goods, home repair, and consumer goods industry. He has dedicated his entire career to helping some of the top companies in the industry grow and develop to meet consumer needs and stock holder expectations. While he has most recently held a position as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value, he has a lengthy career history that has helped him to continue to succeed.

Goodgame received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee in the mid-1990s. After receiving his degree, he quickly gained a great entry-level position working for The Home Depot Corporate out of Atlanta, Georgia. Goodgame worked for The Home Depot Corporation for a total of 9 years.

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame started his tenure with the company working as a product merchant, then was given a role as a director of proprietary brands, and eventually become the senior global product merchant. In his various roles, he was integral in the growth and development of a variety of different product lines that helped the Home Depot to continue to grow as the premier home improvement retailer.

After working for Home Depot, he took a job working for Newell Rummbermaid in North Carolina. He started at the company in 2002 as the president and GM of Rubbermaid Cleaning before taking on leadership roles in other areas of the company. In his role, he saw the company increase in annual sales by more than $70 million and ensured that the brand awareness continued to remain high.

After a five-year stint with Rubbermaid, he took a job as the President of Techtronic Industries in Anderson, South Carolina which was a significant increase in sales of its foreign product parts. He also was given credit for increasing the product quality and customer satisfaction rate. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

After spending three years with Techtronic, he was given the opportunity to return to the home improvement industry. Kenneth was given the position as Chief Merchandising Officer for both Ace Hardware and the parent company, True Value. In this time he was able to increase the profitability and revenue stream by incorporating new sources of income for the company. Kenneth Goodgame also helped to increase the market share for the entire company by helping to improve its brand awareness. Thanks


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The Handy App Has it All

Posted on 4 November, 2016  in Cleaning Services

Whether a homeowner is looking for a cleaner or a house cleaner is looking for a new client, the Handy app is able to satisfy all needs. This is something that has allowed them to be a big player on the scene and has given them the chance to do many different things when it comes to the way that things are offered. Handy has also worked to make sure that their service is unique and is something that is reliably safe for everyone who needs that extra layer of security when it comes to their house and their business.

Uniqueness is a key part of Handy. According to, they have worked hard to be different than the other home service apps and this has paid off for them in a big way. They are able to make sure that they are giving their clients the most unique service possible and that they are getting the most out of the services that they offer. There are many things that Handy has that others do not, like side to side comparison of people who are offering their cleaning services.

Handy has also made sure that they take the safety of all of their clients into account. They do not want to let anyone feel like they are vulnerable or that they are going to have issues when it comes to the way that their home is being cleaned. They also do not want the cleaners to be put at risk. Special measures, like background checks, are the key to keeping everything safe for Handy. It has allowed them the chance to set themselves apart from all of the other cleaning apps on the market which isn’t easy because there are so many that they are in competition with.

When it comes to the way that Handy ( has grown, the amount that they have done has been truly phenomenal. They have only been in business for just a few years, but, in that time, they have made waves and have become one of the most successful home service companies available. This means that they are able to be set apart from the others. With the success that they have seen in home cleaning, they plan to take their services much further. They want to offer all home services to all of their clients including professional services like plumbing contractors, as well as electrical contractors. Visit to learn more.


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NorkaLuque: The Miracle in Her Life

Posted on 2 November, 2016  in Music, Video Visitation Technology

Norka Martinez Luque has a new air of motivation that helps her pursue her dreams. She has one of the most inspiring stories. For her, the work “impossible” does not exist in her vocabulary. She is a dreamer who had her passion discovered in music at a very tender age. She has always had a clear outline of her goals in life. Music is at the top of her achievements. She has a motivation that will bring music to the message and not just about entertainment. One of the best miracles that happened in her life is music.

While she was still young, she believed that she would achieve much through the exclusive support of her parents. They took her to music lessons after school to continue pursuing her goals in life. She told her parents that she would buy them a car when she grows old. The youthful passion inspired them. For this reason, they worked tirelessly to ensure that she has all she needs to make a bright future. She pursued her academic education alongside taking piano, flamenco, ballet, and piano classes.

Norka Martinez Luque went on to study business Administration in France. She received a degree in culinary arts, Fashion, and Marketing. While she was in France, she thought about her future. Whenever she burst into thoughts about her career, music would flash her mind. She felt as if she was wasting time in France without practicing. She decided to join the Bad Moon Rising band in France that gave her the opportunity to realize her talent as a music soloist. She actively kept on connecting as a musician and passionate singer. For over four years, she stayed without meeting the high-end music producer Emilio Estefan. He met him and showed some of her work.

Emilio liked it and decided to schedule studio practice sessions with her to perfect on vocals. Because she was a good student, she mastered the techniques and improved on her vocals. Meeting and working with the renowned Emilio Estefan was a miracle in her life. She kept learning something new every day she was with him in the studio. Her conviction and faith were that she made her better that before.

She was introduced to an excellent, dedicated team of producers. They worked under the direction of Emilio Estefan to compose and tune the songs to match Norka’s vocals. The team comprised of Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena, and the HarmanosGaitan.


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How Classdojo Helps Classrooms

Posted on 2 November, 2016  in Communication App

Classdojo has been a huge blessing for classrooms around the United States. The app has been used in many different classrooms and it has been able to make the people who do different things with their students better able to handle different situations. When it comes to the way that the app works, the people who use it are all able to benefit from it. Teachers, parents and even students are able to get what they need from the app and from the way that it works in the classroom. The Classdojo app has been a huge help to every classroom that it is used in.


Teachers may sometimes struggle with the way that they reward the students who are in their classrooms. They want to make sure that they are doing the right thing and that their students are having the positive attitude that they need to be successful in the classroom and in their life far beyond when they have left school. Teachers of all grades can use the app to make sure that their students know that they are doing well, not only academically, but in the attitudes that they have in the classroom.


Gone are the days of parent-teacher conferences being the only time that teachers and parents can communicate with each other. They really don’t even need to happen in classrooms that use the Class dojo app. This is because parents can see what their students are doing on a regular basis and this gives them the chance to see that there are different things going on in the classroom. It has allowed parents to have a totally open level of communication with the children as well as with the teacher who is being so influential in their child’s life on a daily basis.


When it comes to students, they are the most important part of the classroom. Teachers need to make sure that students are being taken care of and they use the Classdojo app to be able to do that. They want to make sure that students are successful and that they are able to feel happy about the classroom. The Classdojo app allows them to do this with the points that they can earn in the app. The points that they earn can then be translated into other things that they can use in the classroom, like pizza parties and no homework passes.


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The Better Business Bureau gives Securus accreditation

Posted on 2 November, 2016  in Inmate Communication

It is almost impossible to mention the world of ICT and the countries correctional facilities without the name Securus coming up. The company, which has been operational since 2011, offers the best solutions in public safety, investigations, monitoring and corrections. The company received recognition from the better business bureau for their excellent service delivery. The leadership at the company announced that they had received a rating of A+ from the Bureau.

The senior vice president in charge of operations at Securus said that he had worked very hard with the business bureau to see that they did not only receive the top ratings, but also get the right formal accreditation written down in paper. The rating, which is offered only when the recipient is willing to go under scrutiny, means that there are certain standards that Securus has reached as per the rating by BBB. These include:

  • They have been able to build trust with their partners and have a positive track record
  • They have been advertising honestly and adhering to the industry selling standards
  • They are transparent and that they honor the promises that they make to partners and business associates.
  • They are responsive and they know how to safeguard the privacy of all the people that have entrusted them with sensitive information.

The leader continued to say that getting this accreditation shows that the company has been vetted and has been proven to be the market leader and provider of these solutions. They stated that all the 1,300 associates that they work with nationwide also meet the said standards.

The CEO of Securus, Richard Smith stated that he was glad that his company had received accreditation. He went on to state that there are times when their competitors have made wild claims about offering better services, but the evidence clearly shows that they are ahead of the pack.