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How Classdojo Helps Classrooms

Posted on 2 November, 2016  in Communication App

Classdojo has been a huge blessing for classrooms around the United States. The app has been used in many different classrooms and it has been able to make the people who do different things with their students better able to handle different situations. When it comes to the way that the app works, the people who use it are all able to benefit from it. Teachers, parents and even students are able to get what they need from the app and from the way that it works in the classroom. The Classdojo app has been a huge help to every classroom that it is used in.


Teachers may sometimes struggle with the way that they reward the students who are in their classrooms. They want to make sure that they are doing the right thing and that their students are having the positive attitude that they need to be successful in the classroom and in their life far beyond when they have left school. Teachers of all grades can use the app to make sure that their students know that they are doing well, not only academically, but in the attitudes that they have in the classroom.


Gone are the days of parent-teacher conferences being the only time that teachers and parents can communicate with each other. They really don’t even need to happen in classrooms that use the Class dojo app. This is because parents can see what their students are doing on a regular basis and this gives them the chance to see that there are different things going on in the classroom. It has allowed parents to have a totally open level of communication with the children as well as with the teacher who is being so influential in their child’s life on a daily basis.


When it comes to students, they are the most important part of the classroom. Teachers need to make sure that students are being taken care of and they use the Classdojo app to be able to do that. They want to make sure that students are successful and that they are able to feel happy about the classroom. The Classdojo app allows them to do this with the points that they can earn in the app. The points that they earn can then be translated into other things that they can use in the classroom, like pizza parties and no homework passes.