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Thor Halvorssen Exposes Trump’s Favorite Fox News During Explosive Interview

Posted on 25 March, 2017  in Advocates, Entrepreneurs

The new Trump Administration is bumbling through the first 100 days. They are really doing a good job at exposing the shortcomings of the GOP. Every action taken by the administration seems haphazard with poor planning. On top of all of this, the president himself seems to be unstable. He takes to twitter to hurl insults and accusations like a child.It’s no secret that Trump is a big fan of Fox News. It seems that he gets a lot of his information from the conservative news network. But it seems that Fox News gets quite a bit of things wrong. And when the network does something wrong, they often issue a correction during off-hours to avoid embarrassment. But there was one moment they couldn’t avoid.

During the election, the network brought on a world-famous human rights advocate. Thor Halvorssen is the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He has quite an interesting family history that Fox News was trying to take advantage of.Thor’s father was a Norwegian representative living in Venezuela. He was sent there to help Venezuela fight off famous South American drug cartels. During the course of his service, Thor’s father was jailed by Venezuela’s dictator; a socialist dictator.

Thor himself sprung into action when he heard his father was being held captive. He recruited the help of some international human rights foundations to secure his father’s release. Thor’s Halvorssen dad was released after more than two months in captivity. While in captivity, he endured poor treatment and beatings.Fox News thought Thor would be adamantly against socialism. Since Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic nomination as a Democratic Socialist, Fox News brought the human rights activist onto the network to attack Senator Sanders. It backfired big time.Thor told the confused Fox News interviewer by stating his support for Sanders. He continued to educate the network. Socialism isn’t bad; unilateral dictators are bad. Socialism works in a lot of places and Sander’s own human rights record was spotless. Instead, the interview turned into why Senator Sanders was better than any other candidate, inluding Clinton.



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EOS Lip Balm Becomes A Market Leader In A Short Span

Posted on 17 March, 2017  in Essential for Women

Evolution of Smooth is now a famous and popular lip balm brand. This is despite the fact, that EOS has only been in business for only a relatively short period of time compared to some of its competitors in the lip balm industry. For example, companies such as Chapstix have been in business for almost a hundred years. Yet, EOS has managed to hopscotch in front of Chapstix in only a matter of years. The use of ingenious marketing and product design has created a unique product and successful marketing campaign that has put EOS as one of the most popular lip balm brands today.

The highly successful marketing campaign of EOS has been spearheaded by actively promoting the product via Facebook and social media. Evolutions of Smooth had hired fashion and beauty bloggers to sample, write about and review their line of lip balms. This helped spread the word about the brand and the company online. It soon essentially became viral and sales skyrocketed. EOS has also made some sponsorship at key events, which further helped with brand recognition. The fact that some celebrities now use EOS lip balm and are regularly seen with it and has also boosted sales of the product.

Evolution of Smooth has shaken up the lip balm industry by changing both the packing of lip balms as well as adding new flavors to the balms. Before EOS lip balm hit the market, lip balm was only really found in the stick format similar to lipstick. EOS made an oval shaped balm like packaging that proved to be immensely popular. It also helped to differentiate the brand from competitors. In regards to flavors, EOS added additional flavors to lip balms such as strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and many more. Before EOS came out with new fruity and exotic flavors, there were only two different flavors available on eBay. These were mint and cherry flavored balms.



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Top Four Most Popular Male Anime Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Posted on 2 March, 2017  in Entertainment


There are a plethora of lists on anime review sites covering extremely well known characters from the most popular anime series, most of whom will be familiar to even casual viewers who have only ever seen a handful of anime shows. Here let’s lot at something a little bit different; the characters who are very well known to any list of anime connoisseur.


  1. Yoshii (Texhnolyze).

One of the most fascinating and amusing characters from the extraordinary animated series, Texhnolyze (pronounced tech-no-lize) is the mysterious drifter Yoshii, a bemustached man with a penchant for spectacle. Yoshii was interesting as an antagonist because he was so damned unassuming and his motives, fascinating – to reinvigorate the suicidal citizenry of the city of Lux through a grand theater of death.


  1. Johan Liebert (Monster).

The plot for the interesting psychological thriller “Monster” follows a doctor who seeks out a former patient who he saved from the brink of death named Johan. Why is the doctor trying to find Johan? Because Johan is a pure sociopath who has garnered the sympathies of a paramilitary organization who view him as a king.


  1. Shougo Makishima (Psycho-pass).


The gold eyed, white haired poet-turned valiant philosopher-terrorist is one of the more nuanced and original characters in anime. His monologues (in both Japanese and English) are also a joy to hear compared to other school anime.


  1. Magwald Xargin (Blassreiter).


Once a near-genius level scientist and kindly philanthropist, Xargin discovers the true nature of research surrounding Amalgams (nanotech that can revive the dead and imbue the living with inhuman power) from that point on he abandons his research and vows to subvert prevailing social order. One of the unique characteristics of this character is that, though he is the primary antagonist for the entire series, he displays great kindness, reserve, religious piety and chivalric honor which is nice reprieve from the typical crazy, manically cackling, blood-thirsty baddies one is likely to encounter in more well known animes.


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Timothy Armour’s Investment Management Expertise

Posted on 1 March, 2017  in Investment Advisor

Timothy Armour is the incumbent CEO and chairperson of Capital Group. He has been holding the position since his predecessor, Jim Rothenberg, passed on in 2015.

Mr. Armour has been an employee of the enterprise for more than three decades. He was first hired by The Associates Program of the Capital Group in 1983 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Middlebury College. Timothy served as an equity investment analyst at the Los Angeles office for several years. He dealt with the company’s U.S services and international telecommunications.

Mr. Armour has excellent skills in portfolio management. He is also the chairperson and an executive of the Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy also heads the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. His decades of service at the company have enabled him to understand its culture and business. This made him the best person who can lead the investment management enterprise. He is committed to working with other administrators of the firm to develop, communicate, and execute it business strategies and global operations.

Apart firm his job at the Capital Group, Timothy Armour has been involved with various organizations. He shares his talent, proficiency, and knowledge with them and is considered as a valuable asset. Examples of companies that he has worked with are The New Economy Fund, Capital Income Builder, American Funds Target Date Retirement Series, Capital World Growth and Income Fund, and AMCAP Fund.

Capital Group is dedicated to offering exceptional long-term investment solutions to investor and its clients who are based in different parts of the globe. It ensures that its mission is accomplished by utilizing the joint talents of its employees and associates. The firm is served by more than 7,600 partners and has maintained an excellent reputation for the past 84 years. It currently works with organizations such as the Samsung Asset Management.