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Betsy Devos: A Republican Powerhouse with a Dynamic Career to Boot

Posted on 17 July, 2017  in Philanthropist

Betsy Devos is a powerful Republican Party member. She is the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education and she is to be feared by her Democratic enemies. Besty Devos did not just happen to stumble into her position as a strong Republican Party leader. This lady worked extremely hard to make it where she is today.


Betsy Devos was originally born Elisabeth Prince. She was born into money. As a child learned a lot about business from her father who was a billionaire. She also garnered knowledge about business through her own endeavors as a youngster. As she grew into an adult she continued to work. By the time she was in college she was politically active and getting involved in many grassroots political activities.


Betsy’s parents were very religious people. They passed their religious heritage on to their daughter and the rest of the children. Besty grew up in the church and continued to make it a part of her life as she matured into an adult. Once she came of age, she became a committee member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.


After graduating from school with a bachelor’s degree; Mrs. Devos had decided to pursue a career in politics. She worked closely with the Michigan based Republican Party. She also got involved with many local community organizations that promoted education.


Devos eventually married her husband Dick in 1980. Dick Devos is an extremely wealthy, powerful and influential man. Once Betsy and he were together they impacted the city of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan with their brand of politics, religious views and beliefs about education.


Betsy worked tirelessly as a donor and as a member of various school boards within the state of Michigan. Her husband and she even started an aviation based charter school for students that wanted to learn how to fly. Betsy and her husband also have the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation which is their organization for making contributions to various Michigan (and national) based charitable agencies.


Mrs. Devos aided her husband when he ran for governor during the 2000s and she even was a highly ranked member of various companies within the state of Michigan. Her involvement in politics helped to develop her reputation as a solid conservative. She also developed her public character during her many years of involvement with local school boards.


When it came time for President Donald Trump to select a candidate for the U.S. Secretary of Education position; Betsy Devos was considered a highly rated nominee for this position. Many people vouched for her and backed her up. She had the knowledge, experience and acumen for this post. Now, Mrs. Devos is the nation’s Secretary of Education under Donald Trump and she is really doing a great job. The career of Besty Devos is truly an example of hard work and greatness.