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Entrepreneur Greg Secker

Posted on 17 July, 2017  in Entrepreneur

English businessman and entrepreneur Greg Secker has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Secker is an international speaker who has been dedicated to his philanthropic work. Secker was a millionaire while still in his twenties. He has run one of England’s most successful companies and has made the way for other to have financial success. Secker recently spoke with CEOCFO Magaine about his overall philosophy and what has made him successful.

Greg Secker has an interesting philosophy. He lives by the saying “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” For him this represents be openminded and willing to try new things. Sometimes he just figures things out along the way. This is a manner of thinking that has brought Secker lots of success. He moved into the financial world partly because of this philosophy. He became more interested in computers and eventually went down a path that led him to speak with someone from Thomas Cook Financial Services. His open minded ness eventually led him into a new field.

In his interview Secker goes into detail about his The Greg Secker Foundation. The ultimate mission of the foundation is to help young people with life skills early, so that they don’t spend their adult years trying to figure out what they want to do. As his program has grown, Greg Secker has been able to find some very well known people to speak on issue regarding health, relationships, entrepreneurship. His Foundation has tremendously impacted the lives of many young people. They Foundation continues to look for ways to help the community and give back.

The founder of The Greg Secker Foundation and FX Capital, Greg Secker’s impact has been widespread. Secker travels the world speaking and has spoken for well known groups like CNBC and Bloomberg. Secker has achieved great things and enjoys giving back. He has supported groups like the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust and his own a charitable Foundation focused on improving the lives of children around the world. Greg Secker continues to be dedicated to impacting the lives of many.