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Feeding The Best Breeds With Beneful

Posted on 28 October, 2015  in Animal Health

If you are a dog lover, there may be times when you wonder what kind of brand food you may buy. After all you want your pet, your best friend to eat something nutritious, but most of all, they must enjoy what they are eating, so they can stay happy and healthy. Beneful is a product of the Nestle Purina PetCare Company. This product was first introduced in 2001. These are just a few of their recipes: Beneful Original,Playful Life, IncrediBites, Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Health Weight, Healthy Radiance, Healthy Growth for Puppies. These different flavors comes in wet or dry. In 2012 it was named the fourth most popular brand. Around that same time the company saw their profits soar to $1.5 billion. And at the end of 2006, Beneful had made over $300 dollars.

Beneful looks like beef stew and it’s very nutritious. The company says the word Beneful stands for full of goodness. They put a lot of emphasis on quality and safety, quality is the most stringent in the market. They track all their ingredients, from the moment it comes into the plant, until its’ completion, then off to the retail stores. They also have a standard that they set out to keep, when it comes to the ingredient, so suppliers have to adhere to their strict rules, like ingredient specifications and product safety.

Pet food are regulated by FDA and USDA, so the company wants to make sure that they are following all guidelines when it comes to their product. They have their own factories and laboratories where they make their dog food, making sure that the manufacturing stage is safe and the product is up to standard. They are located in Arizona, Georgia and Iowa.

The Purina Company has 150 tests that they conduct. These tests can include lead, arsenic or mycotoxins. They do this; to guarantee the safety of their products. They used artificial colors, for appearance sake, these are non toxic and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The company wants you to know if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase, they will refund your money. All they want to know is why. So that they can rectify the problem. The company only wants happy, satisfied customers.

Beneful usually holds a competition annually, this helps existing parks to be upgraded. They have an explosion of applications in 2013, totaling one thousand. The contest so far has upgraded parks in Georgia, Alabama and Pennsylvania.

You can obtain all these delicious meals for your pet, at grocery stores, pet stores and any neighborhood store. The instructions on the package are just guidelines, so you can calculate the amount of food, this way they can maintain their ideal body weight.