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Approaching Technology with Eric Pulier

Posted on 24 July, 2017  in Apps, Technology Research

We are living in the unbridled age of technological advancement. Every single day we see improvements that are more impressive than ones from the day before. This has given rise to a new marketplace that is teeming with innovation, opportunity, and shared excellence. In the tech industry there are very few entrepreneurs who truly stick out among their competition, but Eric Pulier is one of them. Eric Pulier founder of vAtomic Systems as well as the VP of Cloud Computing at the Painted Turtle Summer Camp for children with chronic illnesses. Let’s break down Pulier’s approach to business in the tech age and see what wisdom we can glean from it.

To start with, you need to know that Eric Pulier is the kind of person who needs to be keeping track of his notes and his concepts. Pulier admits that his best ideas of technology come when he is paying attention to writing down important words or phrases. No matter where he is, night or day, he will have a pen and paper handy on him. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is his only path to success. Sometimes Pulier will take a concept he technological advancement excited about and merely let it sit at the back of his mind while he works out all of the kinks, germinating it into something more fully rounded.

For Pulier success means staying ahead of your competition. Staying ahead of your competition in the tech field means paying attention to what innovations are around the corner. Tech trends are important to watch for any businessman or businesswoman and Pulier’s focus seems to be largely on genome editing. Pulier admits to focused interest in the CRISP-CAS9 which allows for permanent altering of genes within living organisms. This obviously has huge implications for the future of humanity and, obviously, business as well.

At the end of the day success as an entrepreneur is all about finding the techniques that work for you. For Pulier his focus is on writing down and developing his thoughts. Other entrepreneurs might have their own concepts but this one is Pulier’s focus.

About Eric Pulier:


Talk Fusion: 2016 Is The Start of Something Special

Posted on 3 December, 2016  in Apps

Bob Reina has gone on record to say that 2016 is going to be a great year for Talk Fusion. He sees wonderful things happening. Even though it is late November, the possibilities are truly endless for Talk Fusion. It is because they work harder than the person next to them and they truly commit to this and they truly want the product to the best that it can be for everyone that uses it. It starts with Bob Reina, the founder and creator of Talk Fusion. This is not just a hobby for him or something that he does in his spare time. He is one hundred and ten percent committed to it. He also makes sure he has a staff that looks at the product the same way he does.


He wants everyone to buy into it, believe in it, and love it. If they don’t have that same passion and that same belief, how are the customers supposed to have it? After all, this product was made for people with strong passion, conviction, and desire. It is for people that are needing more out of life. They are tired of life giving them the same thing over and over again. They want more and they need more. The money is nice, no question, but it is about more than the money. It is about being happy and being happy all of the time. They don’t want to be happy just part of the time.


Thanks to all of the great features in the data and voice community they offer such as video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences, they can be happy all of the time. They can run a business from home and be completely comfortable. Nothing is going to prevent them from having that. It helps that Talk Fusion has won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation, with the most recent award being for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. They were called true leaders in the industry and that is high praise from that company to say the least.


Class Dojo

Posted on 6 October, 2016  in Apps

We live in an age where technology dictates every aspect of our lives. What’s more, children at younger ages are becoming used to using technology in all of its functions. Because of this, the classroom is one area where technology is beginning to find its most vast improvements.

Class Dojo is an application that has taken this concept to the next level. This application came out a few years ago and has since helped a number of teachers forge ground-up change in bridging the connection between students and teachers. The application gets parents involved as well, as it serves as a communication platform to give them a glimpse into what is going on in the classroom on a regular basis. In the same way that social media platforms like Facebook inform followers on their regular life, Class Dojo allows teachers to keep parents abreast of classroom happenings through photo and video sharing, progress reports, student led presentations and portfolios, private instant messaging, student discussion forums and so much more. This application creates empowerment and connection that makes the learning environment one that is filled with joy and participation.

Since this application launched a few years ago, it has gone on to help 3 million teachers. These teachers have written rave reviews about this application, to the point that they have built a following and potential market share that would rival industry giants such as Coca-Cola. Because of the full potential with this app, the creators are focusing on making the product as high quality as possibly and are currently keeping monetization a secondary consideration and making the quality of product a main priority.

Parents have also gotten behind this application, as they love it when teachers post pictures and videos. It gives parents an unrivaled glimpse into what happens in their child’s classroom on a regular basis, so they can feel actively apart of their education. There are also systems within the app that allow teachers to give students progress reports, similar to receiving a gold star or sticker in a previous era.

All in all, it is clear that this application can become a giant within the education industry, due to its ability in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The owners of the company are just getting started, so there’s a good chance you will see it in your child’s school at some point in the future if you have not already experienced it.


Join In All The Fun On The Skout Network

Posted on 15 December, 2015  in Apps

Most people who download an application were suggested to do so or given information about the application by a person or even an entity. The Nation published a list on their website of applications to download, and the applications can help those who are looking for diversity, especially if they like to tinker with videos. Although one application on the download list is meant for streaming movies, the other one can help those who want to edit videos as well as creating them.

Skout is an application that’s also on the list, and maybe Skout is the most impressive application listed because it is unrelated to the other applications in how it functions. Instead of being used as a way to stream or create videos, Skout is simply a way to socialize online, and many people use the Skout network to date others as well. Although the list is a short one, The Nation still did a good job creating a list of applications that are highly recommended for download.

Everyone from teenagers all the way up to the elderly have joined the Skout network. Although the average Skout user ranges in age from the 20s to 30s, even teenagers are joining the network as well as those who are in their twilight years. Skout is well known as a dating network, but socializing is also something that occurs on a regular basis. Many people have used the Skout network to make some good friends, especially since there are hundreds of millions of users on the network. Those who use the Skout network can easily find that there is someone else who has something in common with them, even if they are in different countries.

Two people that are different countries can easily talk to one another on Skout, something that would’ve been hard to do back in the day. Many used to have to get phone cards or send expensive text messages just to communicate with someone who lived in a completely different country. What used to cost a lot of money to do is now free to do on the Skout network, and online dating is something that is very popular on Skout as well. A person can get the Skout application or use a computer to access the Skout website to start looking for a date.

Those who are using Skout to date will be happy to know that they can put in certain criteria to find a date. All the person has to do is know exactly what type of person they’re looking for, and some of this information can be inserted into the search engine to help bring back someone who might be a potential match. A lot of love connections have started just by two people going onto the Skout network and discovering each other by chance. No one is forced to look for dates or even socialize if they go on Skout, and anyone who uses the network can choose to do whatever pleases them.