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Students To Gain More As The Adoption of ClassDogo Across Schools Grows

Posted on 25 February, 2017  in Beneficial App

The growth the education sector has seen is as a result of the many changes that have been made to the general policies that affect education. Despite these changes that target offering students better access to resources, there is need to put in place policies that motivate the development of better structures that can enhance inclusivity and consider students as a vital element in the decision making process. Parents were only invited to comment about their students during end of term meetings but with new technology, this is no longer the case.


One of the technological options available for this is the ClassDojo application that can be installed to mobile devices. This application is a community where teachers, students and parents convene to deliberate on the best way to deal with the problems students face while learning. The application has seen massive adoption and 2 in 3 schools today use the app for delivering an awesome classroom experience. Students are the biggest beneficiaries of the platform since most of the conversations held are inclined towards helping them reap better results and grow their portfolios.    See and read related articles.


ClassDojo has been around since 2012 and in the few years it has been running, almost 90 percent of schools have adopted the technology. According to Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of the application, they are not focusing much on monetizing the platform. Their only concern now is to develop it fully and to see that it gets nearly 100 percent adoption across the country. They will consider monetizing it later but this will be through the introduction of new features that members can use after paying a small subscription fee.


More about the company

According to, ClassDojo is a new technology that is connecting students, teachers and parents, thereby creating an awesome classroom community. It also creates a school community that includes teachers, principals and students and in this environment students can have their problems solved seamlessly. Most importantly, the platform is created with security in mind, so all the information shared across is encrypted.


The application will also offer free access to teachers and even after introducing the monetization of new features, teachers will not be affected by the changes. This is to ensure they get the key to connecting with parents to deliberate about giving students a better learning environment. Most importantly, the application offers many languages, so users can translate messages to their language of preference.

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