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Sheldon Lavin Talks About His Career At OSI Group

Posted on 7 July, 2017  in Business CEO

Sheldon Lavin started his career as a financial consultant and knew he would be in the industry for the rest of his life. However, all that changed after a few interactions with Otto & Sons, the predecessor to OSI Group. The financial expert’s first interaction with the company was when the owner requested him to organize financing for the meat processing company. This encounter saw Sheldon join the firm as a partner and financial advisor. Forty years later, he was promoted to serve as the group’s CEO and chairman.

When he joined OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin brought with him the vision to go global and dominate the world’s food processing industry. From his first day at the company, Sheldon has been working towards achieving the dream. Presently, the company has managed dominates several markets with over 80 processing facilities, which are spread across 17 countries. The company offers a wide range of products made from protein. In addition, OSI supplies vegetables, baked goods, and sauces to its clients.

Sheldon Lavin believes that OSI’s success is anchored on the leadership team of the company. As a global enterprise, OSI Group pays keen attention to local markets and their needs. This situation has seen the company establish different processing facilities, which are managed by local talents, who understand the tastes and cultures of the targeted market. However, the top management is still responsible for ensuring that each of the subsidiaries follows rules and strategies developed for the company. It also ensures that the facilities remain profitable and work within budgetary allocations.

At OSI, the culture of cohesion is encouraged. Sheldon Lavin says that the OSI is proud of all its employees. The executive leader adds that these talented individuals have been the architects of OSI’s success. For instance, the executive team of the company has a culture of eating lunch together at the corporate office.

Sheldon Lavin is an 89-year old executive leader and entrepreneur. The former financial consultant is OSI Group’s chairman and CEO. He joined OSI in 1970 as a partner and worked his way to the top. In 2016, the visionary leader received the Global Visionary Award from India’s world academy.