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The Handy App Has it All

Posted on 4 November, 2016  in Cleaning Services

Whether a homeowner is looking for a cleaner or a house cleaner is looking for a new client, the Handy app is able to satisfy all needs. This is something that has allowed them to be a big player on the scene and has given them the chance to do many different things when it comes to the way that things are offered. Handy has also worked to make sure that their service is unique and is something that is reliably safe for everyone who needs that extra layer of security when it comes to their house and their business.

Uniqueness is a key part of Handy. According to, they have worked hard to be different than the other home service apps and this has paid off for them in a big way. They are able to make sure that they are giving their clients the most unique service possible and that they are getting the most out of the services that they offer. There are many things that Handy has that others do not, like side to side comparison of people who are offering their cleaning services.

Handy has also made sure that they take the safety of all of their clients into account. They do not want to let anyone feel like they are vulnerable or that they are going to have issues when it comes to the way that their home is being cleaned. They also do not want the cleaners to be put at risk. Special measures, like background checks, are the key to keeping everything safe for Handy. It has allowed them the chance to set themselves apart from all of the other cleaning apps on the market which isn’t easy because there are so many that they are in competition with.

When it comes to the way that Handy ( has grown, the amount that they have done has been truly phenomenal. They have only been in business for just a few years, but, in that time, they have made waves and have become one of the most successful home service companies available. This means that they are able to be set apart from the others. With the success that they have seen in home cleaning, they plan to take their services much further. They want to offer all home services to all of their clients including professional services like plumbing contractors, as well as electrical contractors. Visit to learn more.