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Proud to Be A Beneful Family

Posted on 13 November, 2015  in Dog Food

Ever since I was a child, I always believed the saying that dogs are people’s best friends. Of course, there are many other pets that rank high in our friendship; however, dogs have enjoyed a special relationship with humans since they were domesticated thousands of years ago. With their companionship and long track record of heroic deeds, dogs will continue to be endured in our hearts and lives. My dad raised beagles for hunting dogs. Even though he rarely shot anything, Dad would let the beagles run rabbits just for the practice. We lived on a big farm in the country and Dad built a comfortable kennel to keep our dogs safe and sound. I will always remember listening to them barking and howling as they were running around with us. Not only did we raise beagles, but we kept a couple of beautiful Border Collies to help around on the farm. They were a male and female that we named Bonnie and Clyde, because we never knew what those ornery dogs were going to get into next. They loved to aggravate the beagles and to get them barking while they ran off like nothing ever happened. Bonnie and Clyde were very useful in the cow pastures, though. Those two could herd up cows like no other dogs we ever saw. The cows knew that they had better move or they would get a sharp nip at the foot by the doggy duo. This motley crew comprised our outdoor dogs. Although Dad never really liked to have animals in the house, he could not say no to Mom’s little Pomeranian, JoJo. JoJo was definitely a one- dog person and Mom was his choice. When she was holding and coddling him, he dared anyone to come near them. He acted like he was king of the roost and would send the other dogs flying away when he went outside. Dad tried to act annoyed, but I think he was fond of JoJo also. When I grew up and had my own family, I still wanted to have dogs in our lives. We have a little black Cocker Spaniel named Tinker and a Min-Pin named Minnie. Our children love playing with the dogs, which are like part of the family. When it comes to Tinker’s and Minnie’s nutrition, we choose Purina Beneful dog food. Purina is a brand that has been trusted for generations. Beneful has the taste our dogs love and the nutritious ingredients we want for them. We are glad to be a Beneful family.