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George Soros New Moves In The Energy Stock Market

Posted on 4 March, 2016  in Energy Investments

George Soros, the owner of Soros fund management, made new decisions in the energy stock market that has made investors wonder what could be behind the whole sales moves of his shares. Soros fund management was recorded in the last quarter to have sold all its shares in Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake energy a week ahead the watch on the energy prices. However, the energy prices have been on a cycle of falling and rising and proceeded with the action of Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze oil production. There have been low oil prices for consumers in the market and traders have recorded a great loss in the oil market.
Possibly the move of Soros in the energy market has a hidden meaning that investors should watch out for. Many investors success has been through watching the buying and selling of stock moves by George Soros before they acted on their stock. This time, they have been left in confusion as to why Soros disposed of all his shares in the energy market. The week has also been a distress to the energy companies and maybe investors too should be on the lookout for these loopholes in the oil sector, and it does not seem to augur well in the market trading. This information can be obtained from The Street.

Soros is a great political, business and philanthropist from Budapest. He is one of the Jews who survived during the World War 2 Holocaust. He studied a degree in Economics in London and has been the lead in hedge fund management. He also tops in the top 25 list of Hedge Fund Managers analyzed by Forbes magazine and is widely known for his tactics in investment and market watch. By 2013, Soros hedge foundation made a profit estimated to be $4 million with more than 22% returns from his trading. Soros has also been very good in analyzing the US stock market before embarking on putting all their investments in them. He advises investors to follow the herd and not make independent moves without looking at what other investors are doing.

George Soros is also a liberal thinker who appreciates democracy. He is supporting Hillary Clinton in her election by funding her Super PAC campaign with more than $7 million. He also owns an Open Society Foundation that targets to promote the principles of an open society and democracy to giving scholarships to needy students and funding activities that promote human rights and transparency. The open society foundations have also been against apartheid policy in South Africa and they advocated for black students to attend schools that only whites attended. The organization runs in more than 100 countries globally. Soros experience in the market warrants investors to think as to why his firm sold all the energy shares before they sink into losses.