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Top Four Most Popular Male Anime Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Posted on 2 March, 2017  in Entertainment


There are a plethora of lists on anime review sites covering extremely well known characters from the most popular anime series, most of whom will be familiar to even casual viewers who have only ever seen a handful of anime shows. Here let’s lot at something a little bit different; the characters who are very well known to any list of anime connoisseur.


  1. Yoshii (Texhnolyze).

One of the most fascinating and amusing characters from the extraordinary animated series, Texhnolyze (pronounced tech-no-lize) is the mysterious drifter Yoshii, a bemustached man with a penchant for spectacle. Yoshii was interesting as an antagonist because he was so damned unassuming and his motives, fascinating – to reinvigorate the suicidal citizenry of the city of Lux through a grand theater of death.


  1. Johan Liebert (Monster).

The plot for the interesting psychological thriller “Monster” follows a doctor who seeks out a former patient who he saved from the brink of death named Johan. Why is the doctor trying to find Johan? Because Johan is a pure sociopath who has garnered the sympathies of a paramilitary organization who view him as a king.


  1. Shougo Makishima (Psycho-pass).


The gold eyed, white haired poet-turned valiant philosopher-terrorist is one of the more nuanced and original characters in anime. His monologues (in both Japanese and English) are also a joy to hear compared to other school anime.


  1. Magwald Xargin (Blassreiter).


Once a near-genius level scientist and kindly philanthropist, Xargin discovers the true nature of research surrounding Amalgams (nanotech that can revive the dead and imbue the living with inhuman power) from that point on he abandons his research and vows to subvert prevailing social order. One of the unique characteristics of this character is that, though he is the primary antagonist for the entire series, he displays great kindness, reserve, religious piety and chivalric honor which is nice reprieve from the typical crazy, manically cackling, blood-thirsty baddies one is likely to encounter in more well known animes.