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Stranger Throws “Star Wars” Party for Cancer-Ridden Six-Year-Old

Posted on 7 February, 2016  in Feel-Good Stories

Dane Dunford is an upbeat six-year-old who loves science experiments and “Star Wars”. He also was diagnosed with bone cancer last year. Since his diagnosis, doctors have told the Dunford family that his cancer has been spreading. Dane’s parents told Laidlaw & Company that they sat down with him and gave him his options and allowed him to choose his treatment course. Dane’s choice was to stop the cancer treatments and his parents stand behind that decision. His mother, Janey, started blogging about his heath through a page on Facebook where many strangers got to know Dane and his health struggles.

According to the article on, that is where Maryann Reimund first heard of Dane and his family. She was so inspired by Dane’s story that she reached out to the family and asked if she could throw a party in his honor. Hundreds of people from the community showed up for the party, and so did several of Dane’s favorite “Star Wars” characters.

Janey said that Dane, as well as the rest of the Dunford family, had an amazing day thanks to the community and Maryann Reimund. The family took a video of the party and recorded a thank you message to everyone who supported them.