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How to Switch to a Better Brand of Dog Food

Posted on 19 October, 2015  in For Dogs

We’ve all seen those commercials about the horrible ingredients found in pet foods. Fillers, by-products and nonessential junk ingredients are all pretty much making up the contents of the kibble in Fido’s bowl. Even though it’s easy to know that these ingredients are bad for your dog, you might not truly know what these ingredients are doing to your dog, how to make the switch to a better brand or which brand you should even switch to. Understanding the basics of dog food will help you to be a more knowledgeable and educated dog owner who prides themselves in providing their dog with great-quality food.

Fillers and by-products found in most cheaper dog foods act like the junk food that you might eat regularly or from time to time. You know how lethargic and generally unhealthy you feel when you eat lots of junk food. This is basically how your pooch feels any time you feed him because this is the only food he will ever get. As for you and your family, there may be times when you eat junk food and times when healthier options are eaten, but your dog doesn’t have the luxury of deciding what he eats. The dog will eat the food that you provide to them no matter its quality or price point.

Because of this unfortunate fact, your dog’s health can begin to suffer because of the low-quality food that he is eating on a daily basis. The signs of health decline may not be as noticeable as you might think. A slow decline in the dog’s energy levels or gradual arthritis problems that seem to begin sprouting up at a young age are all things that could be induced by a bad diet. Also, your dog’s coat and eyes may not shine the way that they should and the dog might have skin problems like dandruff, dryness or even rash development.

Switching to a better brand of dog food is the only way to know that your dog is getting a great diet filled with all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that he needs to stay healthy. Beneful is the top brand on the market providing superior ingredients at cost-efficient pricing. Unlike more expensive brands, Beneful provides those great ingredients without hiking up their prices. This allows you to easily make the switch and know that you’re choosing a trusted brand that dog owner’s have faith in.

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to a better brand of dog food, it is important to cut out all junk ingredients and products from your dog’s diet. Get rid of the cheaper food that the pooch has been living on and provide him only with a healthy amount of Beneful in his bowl each day. The assortment of varieties that Beneful has available makes it easy for dog owners to choose a product according to their dog’s needs. Your vet will definitely approve of the switch the next time you take your beloved family pet for his annual check-up.