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Handy Helps People Clean Their Homes Around America

Posted on 22 October, 2015  in Home Improvement

Handy is an app that gives people the ability to look at other peoples’ cleaning businesses, many of which consist of just one worker. Handy is cheap for providing top-notch home cleaning, at only $18 per hour on average. Handy is very popular: at this rate, there are one million dollars in bookings that are carried out every single week. Consider this — Handy only operates in twenty-five metropolitan areas throughout the United States, one in England, and 2 in Canada.

The central allure that Handy provides its users with is its choosiness in respect to the cleaners that it allows to host on their website. Handy has a very, very strict application process that is also pretty lengthy. Less than three percent of all applicants have been admitted to list their services on Handy, which makes Handy more selective than any top college in the United States. Everybody that works on Handy has to be interviewed in person, have background checks submitted, and have ample references from reputable sources.

Many home cleaners have been unable to find jobs because of the difficulty of finding someone who has the money to afford a home cleaner. Fortunately, Handy has effectively reduced the price of home cleaning services because it is one of the first places where many home cleaners can list their services and compete with other cleaners. This has also increased the quality of service that the average home cleaning service provider offers, which is great for consumers.

Handy was founded four years ago by long-time friends Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. They had a general idea as to what they wanted to do with Handy, but were unable to come up with the large sums of money on their own that they needed to start Handy. Luckily, Hanrahan and Dua were able to find financing from two investing corporations, Highland Capital and General Catalyst Partners. It is reported that Handy needed more than ten million dollars to start, which is a lot of money for any startup. But, Handy has to put applicants through rigorous processes and constantly monitor listings on Handy, which makes things more expensive for the company.

Handy has been compared to Uber in respect to Handy handling all the payments and scheduling bookings on while the users of the app don’t have to do much. The clients do not have to pay any sort of fee for using Handy, although the cleaners who list their services on Handy have to pay a roughly 20% fee. This fee goes to cover all of the monitoring that Handy must conduct every day to ensure that Handy is the best app of its kind on the market.

Although Handy isn’t the only app of its kind, it is by far the largest and best app of its kind. It has recently been reported in the news that Handy has swallowed up a competitor by means of purchasing the entire competing app Exec, which was based on the west coast of the United States.