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Wealth Solutions: Providing Investment Services

Posted on 15 April, 2017  in Finances, Investing, Investment Advisor, Investment Firm, Investment Guidance

Operating as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Wealth Solutions has been providing investment services to the residents of Austin.



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is the man behind the idea of providing various services that assist their clients in building wealth. He believes that all the customers and the residents of Austin should have a solid financial plan if they are to attain their dreams. That is why he strives to provide people with plans that would help them live a comfortable life.



The Company has developed a process that allows them to meet the needs of their clients. They have a three pillar process that includes:



Pillar one: the team helps their clients to identify their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that they have. This helps them to gain an understanding of their client’s financial situation. After that, they design a roadmap.



Pillar two: they will help the clients to develop a long-term strategy which will help them attain their goals. The plan is designed specifically to cater to the investment needs of the clients. Richard Blair is responsible for managing the client’s portfolio.



Pillar Three: Wealth Solutions provide insurance that will protect the client’s investments.



Wealth Solutions Company offers services in three categories:



Wealth Management: involves creating an investment portfolio based on the customer’s needs



Financial planning: this involves creating short and long term goals



Retirement planning: the team helps the clients to prepare goals



About Richard Blair



Richard Blair is the founder of the Wealth Solutions Company. His goal for creating the Company was to provide services that will make significant changes to the lives of the residents of Austin.



His desire for education and finance is what shaped his career. After graduating college, he ventured into the world of finance in 1993. Unlike most of the people, Richard took the less trodden road and established the Wealth Solution Company in 1994. The primary goal of establishing the Company was to provide personalized services to his clients.



Richard has developed a vast experience in financial planning. The skills have equipped him with the confidence to advise his clients on wealth management. Richard helps his customers to bridge the gap by providing strategies for retirement planning.



Richard has accomplished a lot in his career and received various certifications. He is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialists, Retirement Income Certified Professional, and Investment Advisor Representative.


Timothy Armour’s Investment Management Expertise

Posted on 1 March, 2017  in Investment Advisor

Timothy Armour is the incumbent CEO and chairperson of Capital Group. He has been holding the position since his predecessor, Jim Rothenberg, passed on in 2015.

Mr. Armour has been an employee of the enterprise for more than three decades. He was first hired by The Associates Program of the Capital Group in 1983 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Middlebury College. Timothy served as an equity investment analyst at the Los Angeles office for several years. He dealt with the company’s U.S services and international telecommunications.

Mr. Armour has excellent skills in portfolio management. He is also the chairperson and an executive of the Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy also heads the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. His decades of service at the company have enabled him to understand its culture and business. This made him the best person who can lead the investment management enterprise. He is committed to working with other administrators of the firm to develop, communicate, and execute it business strategies and global operations.

Apart firm his job at the Capital Group, Timothy Armour has been involved with various organizations. He shares his talent, proficiency, and knowledge with them and is considered as a valuable asset. Examples of companies that he has worked with are The New Economy Fund, Capital Income Builder, American Funds Target Date Retirement Series, Capital World Growth and Income Fund, and AMCAP Fund.

Capital Group is dedicated to offering exceptional long-term investment solutions to investor and its clients who are based in different parts of the globe. It ensures that its mission is accomplished by utilizing the joint talents of its employees and associates. The firm is served by more than 7,600 partners and has maintained an excellent reputation for the past 84 years. It currently works with organizations such as the Samsung Asset Management.