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Get Started with Equities First Holdings

Posted on 18 January, 2017  in Landing, Loan

There are various organizations in the world that offer lending solutions, but one must get the best so that he can have a long-term relationship to build his future. Equities First Holdings is a famous and a developed firm that their main role is majoring in lending solutions to businesses and investors.these lending solutions mainly focuses on stock-based loans.its services are offered all over the world.London, Sydney, Singapore, HongKong and Perth are the countries where the offices of Equities First Holdings are located.however the headquarters of the firm is in Indianapolis in Indiana.

Potential investors and companies can also get an alternative capital from Equities First Holdings.over the years this firm has approximately made 1000 transactions that have summed up to $1.4 was started in the year 2002 and founded by Al Christy Jr. He is responsible for 50 employees at the firm. Not everyone can afford a capital to start off a business, the company is able to cater for such motivated investors who cannot afford credit based loans.

Since the company specializes in stock-based loans, it provides an amount that its interest is fixed therefore the given loan to the amount ration is high. The staff of equities first makes sure that their clients are satisfied in every service they get. The clients are guaranteed of a good service especially on the stock-based loans. There is a difference between margin loans and stock-based loans. Margin loans their capital has to have restrictions or limits. The capital is spent on specified purposes and the loan to value proportion is 10 to 50%.

Creditors of a margin loan complete the tasks of any collateral with no earlier notice. Stock-based loans are the opposite of margin loans, they have no restrictions and their interest vary from 3 to 4%. The borrowers of stock-based loans are at freedom to go higher even if there is a low stock price. The loan to value is between 50 to 75%. Equities first holdings put their clients first before anything and they assure them that their financial goals will be achieved.