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Lime Crime Cosmetics Are Mod And Marvelous

Posted on 30 December, 2016  in Perlees

According to Glambot, since 2008, a cosmetics company named Lime Crime has been producing a line of cruelty free and vegan makeup products that customers around the world just love to wear. This American company is located in Los Angeles, CA, and the founder and CEO is a woman named Doe Deere.

In 2012, Lime Crime introduced a revolutionary line of liquid lipsticks known as Velvetines. Available in a broad spectrum of vibrant colors, these unique lipsticks caught on with consumers right away. There are more than 40 colors of Velvetines that dry into a matte finish, and nine colors of metallic Velvetines are available.

One of the most popular colors of Velvetine liquid lipstick is the Red Rose variety. A lovely shade of ruby red, this opaque, long-lasting lipstick exudes a sense of rose petal softness in its appearance.

Chocolate is a decadent treat that always satisfies the taste buds. The Salem variety of Velvetine liquid lipstick is an appetizing shade of chocolate brown that provides a strikingly elegant matte finish.

The Velvetines lipsticks all have intriguing names, and some of the other colors include shades of mauve, gold, bronze, orange, nude, green, periwinkle, black, and grey.

The Unicorn line of matte cream formula lipsticks, and the Perlees line of metallic matte lipsticks are also the preferred brand of lipsticks for many people.

Another popular product made by this forward-thinking company is a line of iridescent lip toppers called Diamond Crushers. These products are designed to give the effect of crushed diamonds, and can be used on bare lips, or on top of lipstick. This sparkling, water-based formula can also be used on the cheeks, eyebrows, and collar bones.

Lime Crime products are not limited to just their wonderful products for the lips. A line of highly pigmented, top performance eyeliners are available, as are several varieties of eye shadow.