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FreedomPop Wants To Give You Free Phone Service

Posted on 16 October, 2015  in Phone Service

Cell phone usage among the UK population is obviously very prominent. In a December 2013 study 83,100,000 mobile phones were in use among the population of 64,100,000. That’s right, more cell phones than there are people. In an era where cell phones are practically mandatory, wouldn’t it be nice if services were free? Well, one company is providing just that.

In a recent report by The Daily Mail, a Los Angeles based company named FreedomPop has revealed they are providing free service to customers in the UK. The mobile provider offers a generous 200 minutes of free talk time, 200 free texts, and 200MBs of data for web usage “for life.” You may obtain extra data services by filling out third-party surveys. You can also do so by downloading coupons and do other simple tasks all on your mobile device. Data can also be shared with family members, and all unused data rolls over to the next month.

FreedomPop provides its service through two ways. It comes at not surprise that FreedomPop on fortune uses SIM cards. Though, more interestingly, you may download their app to receive phone service. This app serves as a unique and convenient way for customers to obtain the free service. Users also receive an international phone number that enables them to make calls all around the world. Which is great news for those who would usually have to pay expensive rates to contact their family and friends in other countries.

The UK is FreedomPop’s first market out of the US. Stephen Stokols, chief executive and co-founder was quoted saying, “We believe everyone should have access to mobile services, and we’re going to make that a reality in the UK.” That is certainly a reality worth getting behind.