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A New Take on Every Dog’s Favorite Time of Day

Posted on 29 December, 2015  in Premium Dog Food

Every dog is unique. There’s not a dog owner around who wouldn’t attest to the fact that their furry friend has an endless supply of unique traits which makes him or her a special part of the family. But there’s a few things that most dogs have in common. Perhaps the single most important of these shared traits is a love of good food. And a recent story on Twitter points to a great way to enrich the life of any food loving dog. The article begins by noting a conversation the reporter shared with Richard Thompson Michael Hieger. The two are part of a dog food manufacturing company which is so dedicated to quality that Hieger had no qualms about taking a quick taste test of the product. This might shock some people. But in reality some dog food companies are actually working with fresher ingredients than what many people would find in their own pantry. Of course many would assume that this type of dog delacey is only available within specific areas such as the largest cities. But in reality the trend to high quality gourmet dog food has been going on for some time. For example, the high quality dog food brand Beneful is adamant about the nature of their ingredients. They insist that the ingredients in their food be fresh and whole to the point where it’s visible to the naked eye even within the dry brands. And this has a huge impact on how dogs are able to enjoy the food as well. Beneful is aware that there’s more to a meal than just taste and nutrition. They focus on all of those, of course. But they also know that there’s a reason humans don’t insist on drinking their meals. Every type of food has a different texture which compliments the taste. Some tastes go along with slowly chewing, others complement a tearing action with the teeth. The same thing goes for the foods dogs love a well. And that’s one of the big reasons why Beneful brands have so many chunks of whole, natural, and organic foods within them. A dog has a chance to really tear into chicken of chew on some healthy veggies. And it’s obvious just how much they love to do so.