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Brand Lift Studies With Encouraging Results

Posted on 16 June, 2017  in Radio Programming Network

Brand lift studies in terms of radio programming network and how they affect the business of a brand had not been done up until the chairman and founder of PodcastOne and Edison Research partnered up.

Norman Pattiz has been working with Mr. Tom Webster for several months in order to conduct the brand lift studies. Mr. Tom Webster is the VP of Strategy of the research company Edison Research. Mr. Webster announced the results from the brand lift research at the begging of February 2017.

The results are more than encouraging for advertisers and brands. In fact, the rates of podcast advertisement have increased drastically. Podcast advertisement has not been utilized up until the research results became public. Such advertisement, however, had proven to be highly beneficial in terms of brand awareness and sales.

Over the course of the brand lift research there have been five national brands taking part. The research had been conducted with a pre – campaign and post – campaign. The pre-campaign consisted of asking listeners about particular brands which have been taking part in the research. The post-campaign consisted of the same ting but the results were widely different.

Listeners were a great deal more aware of the campaigns of participating brands. The brands that took part in the research had been from different industries and some offered services and others were selling products. Listeners showed higher awareness of the offers and products and were more interested in taking advantage of both. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The most significant findings of the brand lift research included the massive awareness jump for the participating grocery brand from 7% to 60%. For financial service it increased by 47% and for gardening products awareness increase by 24%. There was also an increase for automobile services by 37% and by 76% for a dining restaurant.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz has been in the business of radio programming for decades. He founded PodcastOne about a decade ago and he has also established a few other programs. The partnership between Chairman and founder Mr. Pattiz and Vice President of Strategy Mr. Tom Webster has given a new market ground for advertisers and brands to explore.

Since the results were announced, advertisement on the radio has jumped and so has the amount of services that marketing companies have been coming out with. It is expected that radio brand lift will be the most widely used in 2017.