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Greg Hague Proposes Innovative Strategies on Selling Homes

Posted on 21 January, 2016  in Real Estate, Real Estate Industry

According to Greg, the process of selling homes has largely remained the same over the past 75 years. Amazon/Apple level strategies have hardly been used to sell real estate. Greg labels the traditional process of selling homes as hope marketing. This is because agents put signs in the yard, run few ads and hope that buyers will come along and purchase these properties. Hague hails Apple’s iPhone sophistication compared to the process adopted by the real estate industry of floating a $500,000 home in the market.

Through Real Estate Mavericks, Hague has designed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula. In addition, he has developed a 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. These plans work by initiating building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing efforts. This strategy elicits rush of buyers to the market once a home has been floated. On the 22-Step Home Launching Formula, the first step is building of anticipation before pre-launching, erecting a yard sign and substituting a home to MLS. In the pre-launch period, the listing agent designs the seller’s story of motivation that woos potential buyers. Hague argues that buyers are willing to part with more if the homes that they intend to purchase have not been put out in the market.

Through his coaching company, Hague advises that once real estate agents have listed a home for sale, they should not be in a hurry to place yard signs and enter the homes into MLS. These agents should make other agents in the community aware of their intent to sell a home. In addition, agents should reach out to potential buyers for a sneak preview to the homes before they can be put in market. When buyers find new homes that have not been in the market for long, they are likely to pay premium in order to own the homes. If the home has been in the market for long, they will presume that it is overpriced or it has concerns and will not purchase such a home.

Hague asserts that most real estate agents are accustomed to routine jobs. As such, they have not been exposed to different price maximization strategies utilized by the online marketers’ and top retail firms. This information was reported on Forbes as exhibited in the link below

Real Estate Mavericks
The real estate coaching institution has been phenomenon in providing outstanding lessons to real estate agents. The entity provides real estate agents and interested persons with immense knowledge of the real estate sector. Real Estate Mavericks provides norm-breaking formulas that help an agent to rile competitors. The courses provided are the 29-Day Fast Sale Program and the LinkedIn Pro.

Greg Hague
His career in real estate began when he was aged 12. It is at his dad’s firm that the young Greg started working as a janitor. While in college, he would sell real estate during the summer break. In 1974, Greg graduated from law school and passed the Ohio bar exam. Soon after, Greg and his law school friend founded their real estate. Within five years, the firm had been featured in Ohio newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. His turnaround came in 1980 when he lost everything. He learned valuable lessons from the loss. Greg started again from scratch and worked his way up to the top. Hague has been honored as a Pro Bono Attorney and Law Professor of the Year.


The Importance of Real Estate Training

Posted on 20 December, 2015  in Real Estate, Real Estate Industry


Real estate is one of the most important areas of the economy today. There are many people who are jumping in to the real estate industry in an effort to earn a living and build wealth over the long term. However, there is little real estate training that is provided to people who are working at various companies. Anyone who wants to work in the real estate field should invest in a training program that has been proven to work over the long term. Here are several reasons why real estate training is important and how Real Estate Mavericks can help you in your real estate journey.

Learning from the Best

Real estate is an industry where the most successful people are compensated for bringing value to the marketplace. Over the long run, there are many people who have been able to earn a living through the real estate industry. If you are looking to make an impact in real estate, it is vital to learn from the best. The top few percent of real estate agents sell a huge percentage of all the real estate in the United States. These top few real estate agents approach their business differently than other people do. This is important to remember because many real estate agents will give out the same tired advice. If you are looking to excel above the rest, working with a company like Real Estate Mavericks can help you do so.

Building a Business

Many real estate agents in the industry today treat their real estate office as a job rather than a business. If you are looking to make a big impact on the world, it is vital to look at your real estate business as what it is. Treating real estate like a business means that you must learn to shift your mind set away from the traditional way of thinking from many agents. Over the long term, this will help you scale and grow much more quickly and easily than other people. Many people who work in the real estate industry are caught up in the time for money model. To break out of this cycle, it is important to concentrate on ways that you can scale your business over a long period of time. This will allow you to build a business that will reap profits for many years in both up and down markets.


The Success of Town Residential Based in New York City

Posted on 11 December, 2015  in Real Estate Industry

Town Residential is a Housing Company that deals with the developments of rental houses to the New York State citizens. This residential offer quality housing and furnishing at an affordable price that favors all clients. The residential has attracted a good neighborhood site with a favorable environment to all.

The Town Residential is based in New York City. The residential offers exhibition and showroom services to interested clients. The residential has been in the real estate developments industry for more than twenty years now. The residential has gained much experience in the industry.

Recently, The Real Deal made a report on the NYC Real Estates that operates in New York. According to the release, the Brooklyn Company that deals with estate developments in New York was half sold raising a total amount of 1.7 billion U.S Dollars.

On residential, Manhattan absorption was evidenced where it managed to acquire a 4.1% monthly supply of sales that were designed for the month of November. The value of sales was small as compared to last year.

The Midtown and Midtown East experienced a high rate of absorption. The listings and closings encountered in the last six months were quite pleasing.

The Brooklyn new inventory development experienced a high number of sales. The Company is currently remaining with 51% of sales, where the rest 49% has already been sold. An estimate of remaining units in the inventory development sum up to five fifty units, a scenario that has led to the growth of the real estates in New York.

The range of sold items in the inventory includes a studio, which had total units of 41, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom which managed 169 and 195 units respectively, Three Bedroom, which had 94 units, and 43 units registered by Four Bedroom.

The Olshan Realty managed to achieve seventy contracts signed. The contracts closed during the first two weeks of November. The luxury apartments encountered sales worth 4 million U.S Dollars. These sales marked the largest percentage of sales made by Manhattan since 2006.

For more information regarding The Real Deal release on New York Real Estates developments, open the following link

In conclusion, the New York Residential has managed to develop the New York City to the better. This Company works towards the achievement of growth and development in structures and houses for sustainable developments.