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Things You Never Knew About Visual Search Technology

Posted on 17 November, 2015  in Shopping Tech

With modern technology, the world has become like a small village and people are now able to execute different tasks without necessary having to travel long distances. Automation has been viewed as a great addition to the betterment of life and this has been possible with the introduction of different software that has allowed people ion different companies to handle tasks easily. All this boils down to the attainment of efficiency and an overall improvement in the rate of production. Without the kind of technology that is available today, the lives of some people would turn completely miserable; probably everyone wants and loves to use image reconition technology. This is not to mean all has been exploited. Visual search is a new system that allows one to easily search for items online without necessarily having to use the keyboard to type search questions.

Visual search technology utilizes photos to avail results that are relevant and related to the photo one has inserted. It is a system that is easy to use and will not demand one to use complicated procedures to get the right information. Sometimes searching for a specific product will prove difficult and challenging but with an innovative system like visual search, it is possible to get the exact products and items one would like to purchase or view. This technology has been especially useful while shopping. The system allows for several options where the person using the internet can search with detailed instructions.

Slyce is an innovative company that has ventured in the development of software that is meant to offer easy processes for searching information online. They have pioneered the development of visual search systems that can allow one to help shoppers easily access different products. Slyce has been awarded for the kind of innovation and creativity they have displayed in the development of the visual search software. The system is designed in a manner that allows for easy integration of the software to a website and many individuals have been able to benefit from the company’s developments.

For more than five years, Slyce has been working with tech savvy professionals who have borough forward great ideas that have helped to make the use of the internet better. They have maintained their top standards and discipline in the development of different systems that are meant to make the use of the internet an interesting affair among different groups of people.


Shopping The Easy Way With Slyce

Posted on 5 October, 2015  in Shopping Tech

There is a new way to shop and it involves one simple device that is extremely important for many people. These days, smartphones are used for any and everything. Smartphones are used to communicate, to make movies and to share moments and memories. Now, smartphones are being used to shop in an advanced way. There is new technology out there from a new startup that can make it easy to search any item and shop for anything a person desires. This new visual search on slyce technology works directly from a smartphone, giving anyone with access to mobile devices the ability to get whatever they want, whenever they want.

What Is Slyce?

Slyce is a technology startup that allows users to search and buy products using the camera on their smartphones. Slyce works by a person seeing an item that they like and opening the Slyce app and taking a photo of the item. The Slyce app then reads the photo simultaneously and gives the user information about the item such as, the brand, where to buy the item and the price. The Slyce app also gives users the option of purchasing the item directly through the application. The Slyce app gives users options on which retailer to purchase the item from.

Slyce has a technology called the universal scanner that lets users easily take photos. The universal scanner can be used to scan items, barcodes, coupons and QR codes. When a person scans a barcode or QR code, the information on the item comes up instantly. Slyce’s universal scanner can also be used to scan printed materials such as, billboards and advertisements.

Slyce’s New Venture

In 2014, Slyce purchased Pounce, a Tel-Aviv based shopping application. Slyce purchased the company for $5 million. Originally, Pounce was used to shop catalogs and print ads. Slyce will be using that technology for their own application, giving their customers that ability. With the purchase of Pounce, Slyce has improved their own smartphone application significantly.