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Darius Fisher And His Reputation Management Achievements

Posted on 15 December, 2015  in Internet, Social Media

No one wants to suffer any damage to their reputation. In the old days, items published in newspapers could end up being forgotten about. At the very least, printed woes would not have an easy time reaching new audiences. The internet age has changed that. Anything published online that speaks ill of someone is going to have a life online. The Google search engine results are not going to change unless someone takes steps to change them.

This is where Darius Fisher comes into the picture. Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, a company he co-founded. Status Labs is a reputation management firm that works hard at helping people who are suffering from business or personal reputation problems due to items published on the internet. Darius Fisher has extensive experience in digital marketing. He previously served as a copywriter and as a political consultant. He understands promotions, marketing, and image. This is why his firm is so successful.

The talents of Darius Fisher have not gone unnoticed. PRWeek has named Fisher to the Innovation 50 list, a list that presents the top 50 up-and-coming names in digital marketing. The effective approaches Fisher has devised to repair hammered reputations reflect a truly innovative marketing strategy that has helped scores of clients. Roughly 1,500+ customers have sought help from Fisher and Status Labs.

Fisher has done a great deal to help raise awareness about fixing and repairing reputations. He was a major speaker at the Impact 15 event where he spoke about the need to deal with any negative issues associated with the first page of Google’s results. Those results define a person. Unless work is done to fix what these results show, the negative impact is going to remain. Fisher surely raised a lot of eyebrows when he spoke at that convention.

Fisher’s presence on the Innovation 50 list is well-deserved. As long as he continues to expand awareness towards digital marketing and reputation management, he will continue to receive accolades.