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You Can Bet it’s Time for Tip Off!

Posted on 29 December, 2016  in Sports

As the winter snows melt away, people anticipate the arrival of Spring…and March Madness. Fans follow their favorite college basketball teams, and there’s always plenty to talk about around the water cooler or at the local sports bar. But for the 40 million people who spent a combined $9 billion in 2015, being a fan is also about understanding those March Madness odds, placing intelligent wagers, and hoping for a big score – and they ‘re not talking points! (

With a full season of college basketball games, there are plenty of opportunities to wager. Fans might have a few bucks in an office pool or “more than a few” put down as a serious bet. For that more serious fan, preparation is key to collecting on a win or just beating the spread ( These devotees of the game don’t look at this preparation as work. It’s a fun and exciting investment of time that can lead to a nice payoff, especially if they predict an upset. They’ll keep track of scores, injury reports, and year over year trends. They’ll seek out advice from the experts who follow college basketball for a living. They live and breathe the sport, culminating in that March Madness where they put together a bracket that will catapult them into an elite class of fans if they’ve made the right moves.

For the hard-core fan or the casual fan who might find the thought of all this preparation daunting, there are “one stop shopping” web sites that can make your scouting a lot more manageable and enjoyable. At fans can get the latest news, scores, injury reports, and even tips from betting pros. There is an archive of articles about everything college basketball, and fans who are serious about wagering have access to subscription services where they can sign up for ultimate insider tips and information from a bench of college hoops experts. Visitors to also have access to contests, a fan to fan forum, and a directory of on line gambling sites for when it’s time to place that well-planned wager. Fans who enjoy the excitement of this time of year and want to take their enthusiasm to the next level by betting on games will do well to visit These budding experts will find all the tools they need to make sense of those March Madness odds and maybe turn that knowledge into cash.