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Posted on 30 November, 2016  in Buy Wine Online, UK Vintners

The wine has been inexistence for a couple of years, and people have been drinking wine for various reasons including during celebrations, for fun and health reasons. Wine is not only manufactured in big factories, but people also make wine in their backyards using the available fruit berries they have. Wine should not be something intimidating, but it should be something that one enjoys and a good drink to taste.

Several countries are known to manufacture wine, including the vintners based in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has formed a Vintners Society an ancient organization. The Vintner’s society was established in the early 70’s with a few wine merchants coming together and deciding to form an association. The primary reason of founding the association was to enable the wine merchant compete effectively in the wine industry. The group has a strong support from the distiller and they have also introduced many other companies who were admitted as members of the Vintners society and have spread throughout the United Kingdom.


The Vintners Society is mainly owned by family-owned independent vintners in the United Kingdom whose their managers have made the decision to come together with entrepreneurs with a similar mind and those who operate the same industry. The main objective of forming the association was to mainly offer competitive rates of wine and a satisfying variety of wine which is offered exclusively for sale purposes. For the society to operate efficiently, it has appointed a Chief Executive Officer who operates from their office in Sussex and it has a committee within the group who are dedicated to the various wine growing regions. The committee which is appointed is responsible for wine tasting, and reviews of purchasing which are done four times a year.

The Society Vintners takes its pride in distributing quality instead of price focus and it differentiates itself from many other wine producers. The Vintners members also draws much benefit from the association including knowledge with an overhead kept to the minimum. Any UK wine merchant who wishes to join the association is only required to be make constant contribution to the product mix and which the association reviews regularly.

Technology has been advancing recently, and one of the tools which are social media has been very popular within the wine growers. Wine companies have now resolved into selling wine online. For the entertainers buying wine in bulk is very helpful when it is done online. In the United Kingdom, there are many places where one can buy wine online including Online Wine Merchant, The Vintners which is the largest online wine buying site in the United Kingdom. The site also makes it easy for bulk wine buyers.