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Now, I have to learn the Cloud too?

Posted on 9 November, 2015  in Uncategorized

As if the internet was not a big enough change for Americans that grew up without such technology like us Gen X’ers, but now I have to worry about the cloud, and all the apprehension I had about moving business onto the Web came back in startling fashion. Initially, I had fears about security on the Web. In most cases, I was correct because personal and business information is syphoned from the Web and sold through various legal and non-legal channels as well as some government sanctioned and governmental activities in this realm. The competition can peruse your website and replicate even intricate marketing techniques that have been pioneered and kept proprietary for many decades, or they could just hack your system and sack or sabotage your entire Web-based business.

I also know like the Web, the cloud cannot be ignored. I needed cyber security on the Web, and I want to research those same options with the cloud before I employ the cloud in any form into my business. The learning curve alone will mean many companies will not be able to employ the advancements the cloud will imbue on Web business and business in general. For many people this sounds exclusionary, but for me, it means playing in a space that has limited participation by the competition, employing those advancements as an edge against the competition to grow my business, increasing profits, and squeezing or eliminating some of my competitors.

It could really be a beautiful thing, but it has to be secure. There also has to be some guidance for businesses newly utilizing cloud technology in the form of a web application or service because individuals with this knowledge will be increasingly valuable until the point at which their services will be exclusionary to many businesses’ budgets. Additionally, a service of this type could prevent me from having to utilize another person or business at all. This saves much time, and time really is money, but this type of entity would have to be available for me to access cloud technologies and capabilities, and this company would have to be backed by credible entities.

However, it does exist in the form of a company called CipherCloud, and it is as if they read my rant and acted on it. They are a cyber or Web security company, but they have very refined and particular cloud capabilities that are driven toward bringing businesses and individuals onboard the cloud with particular proficiency. This company allows me the security, but with many other services that are necessary like risk assessment and usage assessment for application discovery. How great is that? It acknowledges the risk of the new cloud technology and offers a succinct solution, and this is only a small portion of their services.