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Venezueal Is A Home Of Diverse Culture

Posted on 23 May, 2016  in Venezuelan Issues

Culture defines people and their origin. Mustering and understanding your culture is very important. Venezuela is described as a culture hub. It has been recognized by UNESCO as having very diverse and interesting culture. Not only does the culture bring people together and reconcile them with their culture it also attracts tourists who come to view the interesting display. Venezuela has embraced its culture and has street carnivals where people display various artifacts and dresses worn in different ceremonies.
One of the most celebrated cultures according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is the Catholic celebration of Corpus Christi which is a mix of Venezuelan culture and some African celebration. The celebrations which are held annually attract thousands of people who come to witness the celebration which is meant to depict the fight between good and evil. Wearing colorful attires depicting various mystical creatures representing both parts of the divide people parade all over the streets. The culture has many participants including Diablos Danzantes aka the Dancing Devils have many enthusiasts. During the parade people come to renew their promises with saints and at the same time praying for good will and protection from the saints. this article can be accessed via .

The ceremony as explained by Velasquez Figueroa consists of musicians who play various instruments. The most notorious instrument is the drum which is used by senior musicians wearing masks. The drummers dance in a show of defiance to the devil. Every year the ceremony attracts many people. Some come to be initiated to the course while some are just curious specters.