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NorkaLuque: The Miracle in Her Life

Posted on 2 November, 2016  in Music, Video Visitation Technology

Norka Martinez Luque has a new air of motivation that helps her pursue her dreams. She has one of the most inspiring stories. For her, the work “impossible” does not exist in her vocabulary. She is a dreamer who had her passion discovered in music at a very tender age. She has always had a clear outline of her goals in life. Music is at the top of her achievements. She has a motivation that will bring music to the message and not just about entertainment. One of the best miracles that happened in her life is music.

While she was still young, she believed that she would achieve much through the exclusive support of her parents. They took her to music lessons after school to continue pursuing her goals in life. She told her parents that she would buy them a car when she grows old. The youthful passion inspired them. For this reason, they worked tirelessly to ensure that she has all she needs to make a bright future. She pursued her academic education alongside taking piano, flamenco, ballet, and piano classes.

Norka Martinez Luque went on to study business Administration in France. She received a degree in culinary arts, Fashion, and Marketing. While she was in France, she thought about her future. Whenever she burst into thoughts about her career, music would flash her mind. She felt as if she was wasting time in France without practicing. She decided to join the Bad Moon Rising band in France that gave her the opportunity to realize her talent as a music soloist. She actively kept on connecting as a musician and passionate singer. For over four years, she stayed without meeting the high-end music producer Emilio Estefan. He met him and showed some of her work.

Emilio liked it and decided to schedule studio practice sessions with her to perfect on vocals. Because she was a good student, she mastered the techniques and improved on her vocals. Meeting and working with the renowned Emilio Estefan was a miracle in her life. She kept learning something new every day she was with him in the studio. Her conviction and faith were that she made her better that before.

She was introduced to an excellent, dedicated team of producers. They worked under the direction of Emilio Estefan to compose and tune the songs to match Norka’s vocals. The team comprised of Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena, and the HarmanosGaitan.


Securus Stays on Top of Innovation in Inmate Communication

Posted on 21 January, 2016  in Business, Video Visitation Technology

When it comes to prison visit most people would probably prefer to stay at home. Prisons are unpleasant. Most people that have never been to prison will have no interest in visiting one even for the sake of going to see a friend or loved one. Securus Technologies has actually made it much easier for people that are scared to go to prison for visitations. This company has developed a system that allows people to make at-home video visitation a possibility from their desktop computers. This software is also available for tablet and smart phone users.

It has been a long time coming, but the inmate communication industry is finally ready for this type of new innovation. There are already many apps and app stores that allow people to connect through chat with friends that they can see and speak with simultaneously. It would only be a matter of time before this thing type of technology would be implemented in software for prisons. Currently, this is not available in prisons throughout the world, but Securus’ video visitation app is something that is very buzzworthy in the corrections community. Government agencies that are looking for ways to cut down on the staff that it takes to facilitate the process of visitation will undoubtedly look at this as a cost saver. Initially, it will be a transition that can be costly upfront. Over time, however, government agencies will see that Securus it’s one of the best possible choices that could possibly be implemented into the visitation infrastructure. I have noticed that the lines for visitation are a lot shorter for the prisons that have made the decision to implement this system. I believe that it is a very effective system, and I think that more prison systems should put this on their list of things to do.

Securus has become the powerhouse company that has managed to take this type of prison video conferencing technology and really do what it takes to provide a greater form of greater convenience for people on the outside. I think that this company will go far because it has managed to provide a service that millions of people need. There are lots of people that are locked up, and millions of family members want the convenience to communicate with their family members without leaving home. That is certainly why the company has become so popular in the last several years with video visitation fans.