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The Traveling Vineyard Allows Wine Guides To Achieve Personal Success

Posted on 26 January, 2017  in Wine Tastings

The love of wine and wine tasting has been becoming more and more fashionable in recent years as people from around the world are once again discovering the benefits and fun that can be had when wine is a part of any busy lifestyle. The Traveling Vineyard is now looking to aid people across the U.S. in developing their own business and career based around providing wines for their friends, neighbors, and people in their own area; as the direct sales industry continues to grow in the U.S. it is becoming increasingly clear that a successful career or source of second income can be found in the wine industry.

In developing The Traveling Vineyard a new and exciting opportunity is presenting itself for people who may enjoy wine, but not feel they have the skills to become a member of the industry in any formal way. The Traveling Vineyard works by assisting its members in hosting wine tasting events where wine is purchased through the company and a commission paid to the “Wine Guide” who provided their own expertise and time to develop the tasting session.

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The benefits of working with The Traveling Vineyard include the fact that no stock is purchased by the individual “Wine Guide” as they simply purchase the few bottles needed for their wine tasting sessions that are initially provided by the company to allow two tasting parties to be held with ease. Monthly overheads are also kept to a minimum as the preservation of an Online presence is maintained by the company as they help market the skills of each “Wine Guide” in their area; training is also provided at regular regional events and through Online classes that are always available through The Traveling Vineyard Website.

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