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Wikipedia Editing Standards

Posted on 29 September, 2015  in Writing Articles

Wikipedia is a sprawling labyrinth of information that has been carefully cultivated for over a decade. Wikipedia has become the one stop nesting ground for information as needed by students, scholars, and the casually curious. The website has over 20 million pages of data and information on just about every topic you can imagine. In order to keep up with the stress of constant updates, the owners of Wikipedia have turned solely to the readers to keep the website current. Wikipedia runs to make business Wiki pages on an open source editing policy that encourages social interaction while conforming to the rigorous standards that Wikipedia enforces. Editors work on a volunteer basis and there are hundreds of thousands registered to the website. However, only a small portion of those members actually make any edits. For those that DO wish to edit, there are key take aways that must be acknowledged.

Wikipedia Is Not for Everything
While the nature of the digital encyclopedia will leave many people assuming that the content is endless, there is actually a set of standards put in place to control the expansion. Wikipedia may have unlimited room to add pages, but only pages that meet notability standards are allowed to be implemented. Wikipedia wants content that people actually will look for and utilize on a consistent basis. So before considering adding a page, check through the notability standards to see if it passes. If the content does meet the notability standards then go ahead and do a cursory search of the encyclopedia. If an editor finds that their content is not currently online, the page can be added.

Posting Personal Pages
When it comes to making it into Wikipedia as an individual there are very strict rules in that regard. Editors must also keep in mind that, in order to maintain the neutral point of view rule, they cannot create their own personal pages. So as a result many Wikipedia editors who meet the notability standards will turn to services like Get Your Wiki. At Get Your Wiki a team of editors will create a personal page for the editor, following all of the guidelines that Wikipedia demands. This is a slam dunk way to get into Wikipedia without breaking any rules.

Practice Makes Perfect
New editors are heavily pushed toward practicing their format by working on their User Page. The User Page is a place where editors can write up content, get advice, and then eventually have their page published. This is where all new editors should begin their work.