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From Beauty Tips to Comedy to Violin Performances: Three Famous YouTubers

Posted on 4 December, 2015  in Bloggers, Youtubers

Fifteen years ago, it was unheard of for someone to become famous sitting at home making videos and posting them online. Thanks to YouTube, people can now become household names without ever leaving their own homes. Consider the following examples of famous YouTube stars.


Wendy Huang, founded The Wonderful World of Wengie in February 2013. Since then, this Australian YouTube star has become one of the most popular YouTube stars in her home country with nearly 800,000 followers and hundreds of videos. Prior to becoming a YouTube star, she started a blog in January 2010, which she continues to use.

The Wonderful World of Wengie is mostly an advice channel. Wengie shares makeup tips, beauty routine advice, hair care tips, and other beauty advice. Over the last year, Wengie has given viewers a bigger glimpse into her personal life by sharing videos about things such as how her family immigrated to Australia and how she got engaged. Perhaps, these little glimpses into her life are one of the reasons more and more people continue to subscribe to her channel.

Julian Smith

Julian Smith has been making YouTube comedy sketches on his channel since 2008. Julian’s two most viewed videos, both with over 20,000,000 views, are “Malk” and “Hot Kool Aid.” In “Malk,” Julian and his friends get into a heated argument about the pronunciation of “milk.” In “Hot Kool Aid,” Julian makes hot Kool-Aid for his brother and gets angry when his brother will not drink it. Other videos have catchy tunes or are parodies. The main thing with Julian Smith sketches is that they are videos which many viewers watch multiple times and share with friends, allowing others the fun of laughing at the silly nature of the videos.

Lindsey Stirling

Although she has expanded beyond YouTube videos, Lindsey Stirling made her start in 2007 on YouTube and continues to be a successful YouTube star. This year, she was ranked fourth on Forbes’ list of the World’s Top Earning YouTube Stars. Stirling is a unique performer, as she dances while playing the violin, which is what drew fans to her in the beginning. For her videos, she has performed in a variety of arenas, oftentimes outdoors. On her channel, Stirling performs both original songs as well covers for popular songs.